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Woolpower Swedish Sox -Grey

Woolpower Swedish Sox -Grey

Woolpower Swedish Socks This is the age of technical sockery, with socks costing nearly as much as cheap shoes, and definitely more than decent discounted flip flops (I got some Teva flippers for $13 brand new, for instance). There are lots of great socks out there, but these from Sweden are…going to be your favorite, and here’s why: • They’re Swedish. That doesn’t lock it in, but it’s a good start, right? • They’re barely affordable, which beats way too expensive for socks. • The terry loops inside the foot-area are all wool. • The top of the sock is a blend of poly-nylon, which makes them shrink about a tenth as much as most all-wool sox, and allows them to be washed at 140-degrees, which is the temperature the Swiss Militia claims is necessary to kill bacteria. More than one person has independently volunteered that these are the nicest socks they’ve every worn. They’re thin and plush and tough. We don’t guarantee you’ll not wear a hole in them, but it’s unlikely to happen within a year or two so long as you clip your nails and don’t wear rubber boots. They’re dark grey, nothing special there. They’re on the light side---not like dress sock, but they don’t fill up a shoe like a boot sock, either. Wash warm or cooler (you’re under no obligation to wash wool hot if it just seems overly harsh). Dry in the air, although the makers says Medium heat is fine. Get the small if you wear a size 3 1/2 to 6 in mens or a 6 to 8 in womens Get the medium if you wear a size 7 to 10 in mens or a 9 to 12 1/2 in womens If your foot is bigger than that, get the large my friend. It fits up to a 13 in mens.

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