• Commuter Bike Overkill - I like practical bikes, like commuting bikes and all, but I don't buy into the neeeeed for every possible commutabell & whistle on "commute bikes."
  • Crotch Pads - When they’re part of the pants, you have to wash your pants too frequently. Underwear should be removable, separate...
  • Do bar tape this way? - It’s surprising that this doesn’t come up more often, or doesn’t happen more often. Wrapping the left side of the bar differently, with a different color or even kind of tape
  • Do you need a crotch pad, even? - That’s not the same as asking, “Do you want to be comfortable down there?” Padding helps when you have sores you’re trying to cushion, and when your saddle is uncomfortable
  • Why the Long Stays? (Chainstay Length) - This was an article Grant wrote in June 2015 explaining our shift to longer chainstays. ----- If they’re not longer, they’re wronger The “they” is chainstays