Collection: Current Models

Geometry Chart as of February 2024 - check individual frame page to confirm latest.

Most Popular Framesets - $1300-2000

Made & painted in bunches, imported, seasonally in-stock, less expensive, but no less excellent

  • A. Homer Hilsen - An every-road bike for comfortable all day riding
  • Atlantis - Our original do-it-all bike.
  • Appaloosa - Road touring bike with long, stable geometry 
  • Sam Hillborne - Our staple Country Bike. Homer-like, but for V-brakes.
  • Platypus - Like an Appaloosa or Atlantis, but with a step through frame
  • Roadini -  Functionally like a Roadeo, priced like a Clem.
  • Clem Smith Jr. - The best commute/utility/trail bike value in the world. Available as a complete or frameset
  • Susie W. Longbolts/Wolbis Slugstone - A fancy CLEM with a few other mountainbikey tweaks to it. Refreshingly BS-free, and all the trail bike anybody needs.

U.S.A. Framesets - Just the Roadeo for now, $2800

  • Roadeo - Our lightest and most lugged road bike, made to order. Call us for info.