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Roaduno Complete Bike 2024 - Presale - Now Live!

Roaduno Complete Bike 2024 - Presale - Now Live!

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Important: Both the front and rear wheels are nutted; we originally thought the front was Q/R, but no biggie either way, and maybe the front is now slightly more theft proof.

It's the most useful, and fun non-derailer'd bicycle (or frame) we can imagine. We named it Roaduno to emphasize that it's for roads. Smoothish trails, no problem if you have the skills for them--like the Homer in that way. The sidepull brakes should tell you it's not a mountain bike.

It's as versatile and as customizable as a derailer-less road bike can be:

  • Fits tires to 46mm (43mm with a fender). Any tire bigger than 40mm requires some deflation to install and remove, but that was no reason to not design in clearance for bigger tires.
  • Braze-ons for racks (and fenders), and of course has a kickstand plate.
  • Has a front shifter braze-on, and a derailer tab integrated with the rear dropout, so you can easily mount either a commercial chain tensioner or any derailer (as a chain tensioner)
  • An in-the-box COMPLETE comes with a 38t big ring and a 26t small ring and a 16t cog on a flip-flop hub - which works well for most riders on flat roads to easy hills. To access the 26t ring (to make it a a 2x1), add a shifter and front and rear derailer/chain tensioner. To make a 3x1, get rid of the chainring guard and add another chainring in its place.
    • We have stock crank combos of 34x24, 38x24, 42x28, and 44x34x24. We stock single-speed freewheels 15 to 22t (no 21t), and White Industries DOS (2-speed) freewheels in a few combinations. The Roaduno is a mad scientist's dream experiment.
  • The rear hub is a flip-flop, but we recommend using only the freewheel side of it. We suggest you don't ride fixed (uncoastable) cogs; too risky. You CAN put another single-speed freewheel on the left side, but if that appeals to you, why not just get a White Industires two-speed freewheel and keep it all on the right side? We stock them.

Frame & fork: Our standard super-quality, butted CrMo tubing of our own design. Our own lugs, fork crown, dropouts. Same painter as always, same lug-fill cream details, nice metal head badge, excellent graphics, etc.  The fork crown is the same one we use on the Appaloosa.

Sizes: 47.5 (650B), 51 (650B), and 54.5, 58, 61.5. (<--all 700C). See geometry table here.

Complete Roaduno Handlebar & Stem: Choco Bar, uprising Face-Plater stem. The front-opening stem makes bar-swaps easy.

Fits tires: 42mm with fender, 46mm without. Completes come with Panaracer Gravel King "43mm" tires that actually measure around 41mm, with a tread that rolls great on roads, too. 

Brakes: Sidepulls, long reach. Brand is Yokuzuna. They're cold-forged and excellent, and are nearly identical to Tektro 559 (57-73mm brake reach)

Wheels: Alex DM-21 rims, NOVATECH ("new tech"!) hubs—a perfectly excellent Taiwan brand. Both are 32H, 3-cross, spokes are double-butted stainless, made in Taiwan and equal to any spokes in the world, Swiss, Belgian, or otherwise. These wheels are built in Taiwan by Saint Jump, who built wheels for 15 of the 21 Tour de France teams. Both wheels are bolt-on for non-slippage and maybe a touch more wheel security. We sell a 15mm ratcheting box wrench that makes dealing with the rear wheel easy. Pray that thieves don't own the same wonderful wrench.

NOTE: On completes we include Saint Jump stickers you place on the inner perimeter of the rim, between spokes. Center them laterally, so they don't overlap the brake surface. One pair per customer, no replacements,

Crank, cog, gearing: Our new and svelte-yet-strong Silver3 crank, 38 x 26 rings, length appropriate to the frame size. Rear cog is 16t. The 26t ring is there in case you want to add another gear. To use it, you'll need a chain tensioner or rear derailer to take up the slack when you're in the smaller ring. A front derailer can be nice too, if you're shifting between gears frequently, but it's not required since you can just shift with your keys or a stick when you get to the hill. There's a non-driveside downtube braze-on if you want to use a front derailer.

Rear hub spacing: 120mm. 

Comments and anticipated questions:

 If I want a complete but would prefer different gearing/handlebar/etc, will you swap it out for me?

Yes, we can alter the completes, but we'll ship all the stock ones first, so it'll extend the lead time for your bike. We also won't be buying back any parts you don't want, and they'll be included in the box. Any alteration to the completes incurs a $125 flat rate charge in addition to the cost of the parts, which covers the unboxing, labor to swap parts and reboxing. If you're local and you don't need the bike re-boxed, it's $75. If you're getting fenders and racks there are additional labor charges; $100 for fenders and $35 for racks. We have to take front racks off for shipping, so it might be worth it to have that done locally.


Can't I just make any bike a one-two, or-three speed?

YES! We've done it. I/Grant have manymanymanymany hours and miles riding a 3 x 1 Platypus. Same with Antonio and Will. It's a thing to do. Limit your gearing, add variety to your riding, and have fun riding and personalizing it. The Roaduno, with it's frame and details all figured out, makes it easy and let you keep your multi-geared derailer bikes intact. You'll still use them, and (we predict) you'll ride your  Roaduno more than you expect to, even if you expect to a lot. It's a fun, quirky bicycle that makes every ride fun and quirky


How do I let you know that I want to change stuff on the completes?

Call us in the interim between presale and delivery and let us know. If you place an order online for parts without talking to one of us, it might fly under our radar and we might make the mistake of shipping you a stock complete.


What isn't included in the complete bike?

You'll need a saddle, grips, kickstand, and pedals. Everybody has their own preferences, so we though it best to leave those off. We recommend the Brooks B17 and MKS Monarch pedals. Grips: anything goes; Ourys, ESI, OGK, wool felt with double sided tape, an old tube with rim tape over it, Newbaums, etc.


How much is shipping?

Complete bike shipping is $250.

More questions and full build list here.


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