About the programs—now shut down— formerly known as Black Reparations Pricing (BRP) and Black Reparations Fund (BRF)

Our desire to address the inequality of the present that was born in the past led us to the naive belief that we, as a business, could do something that individuals are too small to do, and government is too lumbering and partisan to do, and that no other business that we're aware of has been able to pull off: reparations.

We were jazzed and optimistic, but it's been a "rather rockyish road," with nasty emails, phone calls, threats to us and threats of lawsuits, a flurry of one-star ratings on assorted Yelp-Google type sites, and a painful legal bill. All who work here know the specifics and have been stressed by them. Nobody here wants to relive them by talking about them under the fake banner of catharsis. We absolutely appreciate your support. It has meant tons, and is by far the best thing that's happened here in covid-times.

We continue to be committed to helping support those who have historically suffered from discrimination, who are still regarded and treated as "lower caste." But from a strictly legal perspective, we've been handcuffed. 
BRF used to stand for Black Reparations Fund, but it is now, officially, "Bikes R Fun" . . . for everyone. All colors, all castes, all genders. However...

Any donations made to the Bicycles R Fun (fund) and all proceeds from the sale of BRF stickers, buttons, patches, hats, mugs, and whatever the heck else we come up with, will be used legally and appropriately to help more under-represented people ride bikes—regardless of brand. So at checkout, please consider buying a Bikes-R-Fun button or adding a $2 Bikes-R-Fun donation. All of it will help put more people, of assorted colors, genders, and whatever, onto bicycles.