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Staff Email Directory

Phone (800) 345-3918 during open hours:
Monday - Saturday 10am - 4pm (California time)

For Sales and general questions email Will or Vince (Tues-Sat) or Roman (Mon-Fri)
Please pick one person to email, otherwise confusion will reign.
Note: we do not reply to rude or insulting emails, and bad words may trigger the spam filter, so keep 'em clean!

For Mechanical questions about Rivendell bikes, contact Brian or Mark . Pick one.
Small parts (not frames) out of stock/when will it be back in stock questions go to Spencer.

For minor complaints, major gripes, and non-sales/mechanical big picture stuff email our General Manager Dave.

Mark Abele Mark is our Head Mechanic. He co-ordinates custom frame orders. 
Mark has been with us since 2002, and his duties include customer service, coordinating the custom orders, assembling bikes, designing an developin new products. He's a cyclo-cross racer an the staff barbecueist, which earned him his nickname "T-Bone".

He is our head mechanic, so certainly anything mechanical having to do with the interfunction of parts. Mark's favorite kind of riding is one-to-three hour mixed road and trail rides with lots of climbin. He rides the lightest bikes and parts of any of us here, dividing the time between a Legolas, Quickbeam, Roadeo, '76er and his couple of customs. All his bikes have cantilevers, and all who know his skills regard him as the best cantilever brake adjuster in the land.

Mark trivia: He attended Santa Clara University, where he was the only freshman starter on the varsity soccer team. By the time he was a senior, he was team captain, MVP, an after graduation, was drafted by the San Jose Earthquakes (he did not pursue soccer as a career). These days he's just as athletic as he was then, but on his bike, and is as fine a bicycle mechanic as it is possible to be.

Mary Anderson 
Business manager, bill payer, owner's wife, Anna's and Katie's mom. Here from the start, works mostly from home but visits daily for filing and other stuff. Keeps the numbers in order and tells us where we are, so we don't keep doing the wrong things.

Spencer Chad
Does the bulk of the buying and the receiving and some of the pics and some of the website. Check with the Spencer if you want to know when the something will be back in stock.

Harry H. Hugel IV
Our Head Saturday Guy. Latest in long line of like-named Harry H. Hugels. Works odd hours at a bank (not ours) doing technical stuff we don't understand. He might just be the happiest person you will ever meet. A Navy man to boot!

Will Keating for sales and general questions.
Will's been here ever since late September '12, answering the phones, working the Saturdays, and doing this n that around here when he's not shredding his Hunq an Simp in the Marin headlands. SoCal born and raised, likes skatin the Embarcadero and bike riding to LA with nothing but a little backpack no big deal. One of two staff pedi-cab operators. Favorite film: The Untouchables. Knower of all things Sam Hillborne.

Jenny Klug Shipping Questions/Quotations please read first.
Jenny is the other half of the shipping department. True-blue Californian, she grew up in the San Joaquin Valley with Sequoia National Park in her backyard and moved to SF way back in '05. She's maybe worked at more random jobs than anyone else on the staff. When not using her hands to craft cardboard, she plays drums in a couple of bands. Wears many Adidas and enjoys riding Amtrak. Has a weakness for floor toms and BMX handlebar grips and has a tattoo of Ramona Quimby. Enjoys records and always owes money in late fees to SFPL. Carries too many things on her Homer, but somehow it always works out. She's friendly as can be, but has been known to make a real mean espresso.
Your best bet for an accurate shipping quote. The others will get it way wrong.

Robert Kurosawa
One of four cyclo-x racers here, an head of of our crackerjack shipping team. An artist on his own and a cardboard artist at work. He sets the country's standard for beautiful, compact, creative packing. A reluctant catalogue model, says the boss overexposed him in ads and catalogues during the Bridgestone years. Raised in Hawaii. At Rivendell since 2000. He hasn't an ounce of fat despite a diet that seems to rule out nothing.

Rich Lesnik 
Rich's Specialty is Wheels!

Jazz musician (clarinet and saxophone) and former UA mechanic. Our wheel builder, and maybe the best one in the world, seriously. Also has a side business called Hands on Wheels. Here since 2002.

He likes touring and wheels. Every year he plans some kind of a longer tour than any of the rest of us do. Sometimes solo, sometimes with a group. He has a Riv custom touring bike, a Quickbeam, a Saluki, and A. Homer Hilsen, and an XtraCycle that he uses to haul wheels.

Rich is the most prolific wheel builder we know, an builds about 2.5 wheels each day, He owns and uses some really complicated wheel-building tools ultra-gadgets from the Swiss maker DT, generally, an really gets into them, figures them out, and in general just enjoys to high heaven every aspect of building a wheel.

The whole world of wheel building is Richs. But his knowledge is vaster than that, so you can ask him anything. But if you have a wheel question, be sure to ask Rich.

Roman Mardoyan-Smyth
Roman is our newest full-timer (2015) and fit right in quick thanks to his trinity of bike, book and hatcheting skillsets. You'll find him splitting time half and half between HQ and the Hatchet store. He knows the bikes an products as well as anyone already, so don't hesitate to ask for him. You're in good hands.

Vince Nivolo
Whenever we can't find something, we ask Vince. Mental inventory, photographic memory, call it what you sill. You'll find him helping out customers in the showroom, taking phone orders, stocking shelves, and entering look-a-like contests in his spare time. He had a 60cm Saluki, sold it for a 60cm Betty Foy with a big ol' basket and marathons, now the spokesman for Clem Smith Jr.. Known for his catch phrases: "Alright!" and "Right on!" it's generally nice talkin to him.

Grant Petersen
Here since the start. Main jobs are writing the Reader and catalogues and designing/developing the bikes and picking the stuff we offer. Disorganized, well-intentioned, clean but personally and organizationally on the disheveled side of things.

Good for general and technical questions, but tends to let things related to following up slip through the cracks. Tries hard, but tends to give confusing, complicated, overly detailed answers to simple questions, all under the banner of "helping." Loses sight of the big picture when he focuses on minor "now!"-type details.

Dave Schonenberg

General Manager

Here at Rivendell since 2008 and G.M. ever since 2013. Dave is our problem solver and behind-the-scenes planner guy who keeps tabs on everything and whips everyone into a frenzy with meetings & charts. He also designed our website and a few of our decals & headbadges. All around useful guy!

A varsity linebacker & Navy brat in his glory days, he's now a married and settled Berkeleyan who enjoys fine sauces and long rides to the beach on his Atlantis. Dave plays guitar on some of our Riv Videos, including our most important one: How to Measure Your Pubic Bone Height. You'll need to snail mail him a personalized cover letter and resume if you want a job here. Read that again, you need to MAIL a physical cover letter and resume. Or better yet, stop by.

Have a major gripe with Rivendell? Email Dave.

Brian Tester 
Bike mechanic. Knows Mac stuff, too. Plays with at least two bands, one as a guitarist and one as a manipulator of electronic devices. His cassette tapes from the 90s pop up now and then, says cassette recording is back. Lives in West Oakland, owns the East Bay hills on his Hunq, Homer and Legolas. Worked in Berlin. Hails from Minnesota.