• Opinions about Bike Parts - Today's bike components work great, much better than most of the bike parts from the seventies or before. They just look worse, in general.
  • Converting 700c to 650B - Converting 700c to 650B has been covered twice in Rivendell Readers, most recently in #39; and more info is available somewhere on the web, most probably.
  • Nitto Torque Specs - Nitto's recommended Torque Specifications For most people the "seat of the pants/try and test/give it a grunt but don't use a cheater bar" way remains reliable when used with good judgement...
  • Goops, Lubes & Soaps - SuperSoap hand cleaner is by far the best we've ever used. It's amazing. Get it, and you'll never want to be without it.
  • PDF Archive on CycloFiend - Jim at Cyclofiend did us a wonderful favor by compiling our disparate PDF news updates into this hand RBW PDF index . Thanks Jim! If you haven't checked out Cyclofiend yet, click here.
  • Shimmy - (from RR42) Shimmy Shimmy Coco Bop, Shimmy Shimmy Bop An inconclusive & therefore unfulfilling—but, cathartic— discussion of speed-wiggle. It must be said. One of the few Mysteries du Velo...
  • The Efficiency Ruse - The Efficiency Ruse And the sometimes benefits of inefficiency. Just another way to look at the Big E. The search for efficiency has caused: The worst-looking, least flattering clothing of all