Nitto Torque Specs

Nitto's recommended Torque Specifications

For most people the "seat of the pants/try and test/give it a grunt but don't use a cheater bar" way remains reliable when used with good judgement and a history of tightening things good enough to hold them in place but not rounding out or breaking the bolt.  Nevertheless, it's good and doesn't hurt to know the Actual Correct And Real Recommended Figures As Determined By Calculation And Real Life Experience, so here's what Nitto says: 
M 5   3N.m  (30.62kgfcm)
M 6   5N.m  (51.03kgfcm)
M 7  12N.m (122.47kgfcm)
M 8  13N.m (132.68kgfcm)

M 5 = the bolt size (5mm), etc.