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Returns and Exchanges

By using this site and making a purchase you agree to our return policy. 

In Short: You have THIRTY DAYS to return something in like new condition & buyer pays return shipping.

The good:

  • We're mellow and fair and offer a Full refund (minus the $12 we paid if you got free shipping) on items returned in like new condition within thirty days of purchase and buyer pays return shipping. That's plenty of time.
  • We will allow store credit only for items in like-new condition after that thirty day period but never after 90 days. After three months of having something... it's yours. Resell it on Craigslist or Ebay, we've moved on.
  • Ninety-nine point nine percent of returns go smoothly like this.
The bad:
  • Defective items: please let us know immediately after receiving your item and we will fix you up at our cost. Claiming false "defectiveness" or breaking something on purpose just to get out of paying return shipping is wrong and will not be tolerated. We cannot accept defective claims after thirty days of purchase, that's plenty of time.
The ugly :
  • We do not take back used items. Please decide to keep or return something within thirty days and send back in like-new condition. That's only fair.
  • We do our best to take good photos and write accurate descriptions and have never "misrepresented" an item we sell. We also do not use "false advertising" so that's not the basis for sending broken stuff back after thirty days or filing Paypal Disputes. Please call us before doing something like that. We handle disputes fairly and calmly. Feel free to call or email questions before buying something.
  • We don't enable returnaholics so prepare for an intervention if that's your bag. We do not accept returns on used, scratched up or damaged merchandise. We reserve the right to refuse refunds at our discretion, even if you sent it back, if it's not new. By purchasing from us you agree to this return policy.
  • We do not respond to rude or insulting notes.They go straight to the recycling bin and we keep everything, no refund. That is our official and completely legal policy for rude notes. We are people, just like you, and there's no need to be rude, ever.
  • Phew, that was rough. If everyone acts civiliy, there are no problems.

A slightly snarky explanation, no offense intended.

You have THIRTY DAYS to return or exchange items unused for cash and three months for credit. A full refund will be given for items that are returned new in the box. If you received free or discounted shipping on your order, that cost ($12 for UPS Ground "Free Shipping") is deducted from your refund. If you got a discount on the item, you'll get a discounted refund too. There are no refunds for discontinued, sale, or web special items. We do not take back used or scratched or damaged merchandise. If you use a Brooks saddle and don't like it after a long ride, you cannot return it to us, for example, and claim that we misrepresented it's comfort.

We don't take back used items, duh. If it's defective right when you receive it, notify us immediately and we'll take care of it. Notify us now please!
But some things can wear out, or can break without being defective. And some things degrade in function over time and with use, even when all's well with the manufacturing and materials.
Stop the presses, but stuff doesn't stay new forever.

If you don't like the ring of a $12 bell after a day or a month...well, it's $12, and it is a bell, and the pitch of the tone may not twangle your ears exactly as you wish it would, but it's only a bell and it's only $12. (Note: We like the ring of all of our bells, and mention this only because it has happened.)

We've had minor abuses in the past, where a guy buys a pair of $25 pedals, uses them for two years, says they "click", and gets a new pair. Then they "click" too, and he wants another new pair.

No, man. Pedals are little machines, with moving parts under lots of stress. A click could be that it's not tightened to the crank arm enough (this is the case 80 percent of the time). A click could be a loose, press-fit reflector. Shim the sucker yourself; it's such a minor deal. And then there's lubrication. Our pedals are cheap and good, but it's not fair to apply the same standards to them as you'd apply to a $220 set of pedals. Make no mistake the pedals we sell are the ones we ride day in/day out problem-free. But now and then it's a good idea to pry off the dustcap, squirt in some Phil or other thick oil, and let it soak in. All in all, even good stuff wears out, and even good stuff benefits from a little maintenance.

Pack stuff up as much as possible the same as you received it. Fenders returned with hardware scattered in the box: no good, only partial refund. We're not super picky, but we are people, and when you toss your returns into the box from across the rumpus room, it makes life hard on Will, Roman or Vince, who processes the returns. On that note, please clean up greasy, filthy, dirty items too. That said, we reserve the right to charge a 10% restocking fee (or refuse the refund and trash the items if they're that bad) for egregious violations of common decency in this regard.

No returns on underwear or sleeping bags ever ever ever ever ever. No matter what. It's the law.
Also, it's pretty normal for socks to get holes in them if you wear them daily for a year.

Not covered here? Please give us a call at 800-345-3918 to discuss any returns or exchanges.