Collection: MUSA Clothing

 MUSA = Made in the U.S.A., about 17 miles west of us.

Our MUSA garments are an alternative to bikey-tech clothing with cheesy logos and aerodynamic tightness that shows off muscle and flab, heats up against your skin, and claims to offer advantages it doesn't deliver. We’ve had MUSA since the late 1990s, and it’s not uncommon to have a customer come by wearing 18-year old pants or shorts, because MUSA stuff is good and lasts. The current garments have insignificant upgrades that should make them last even longer.

Fabric: Made in U.S., military spec, mostly nylon with a little spandex, and it costs us about $18.60 per yard, or probably 5x what L.L. Bean pays for its foreign equivalent. Slightly stretchy, textured, way lighter than Levis, never hot, fast-drying, and are ideal for riding short or long, hiking, casual wear. You'll wear these more often, on and off the bike, than any pants, shorts, or knickers you have, and they'll last twice, maybe three times as long.

Cut: Legs are on the baggy side of things.

Waist sizing: On the loose side of things. A 34 waist can easily wear a medium, but consider a large, anyway.

MUSA shirts, etc and accessories come and go. Right now, the bottoms are our focus, and we're diving in deep.