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MUSA Splats (pair)

MUSA Splats (pair)

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Musa Splats

The best way to protect your normal shoes from a soaking on a rainy ride. The BEST. They're one of my/Grant's favorite accessories.  Yes, they look funny, and we all know how much people use shoes to establish their rank and identity among strangers...and these wll HELP you with that. You'll be saying to everybody, "Look how smart and unselfconscious I am, with my fancy Splats!"

They Velcro on in two places, and block at least 98 percent of the rain, and that's plenty. You can walk around in them, since they don't cover the sole; but if you can't bring yourself to wear them as you're pushing the cart up and down the aisles at Trader Joe's, you can take them off in two seconds, and put them on again in four, when you're back at your bike again.

We tested several versions, sizes, and fastening systems, and this is the one we settled on. Eventually the elastic will get saggy, but the slider-adjuster takes up the slack, no problem. Genius.

Made in Connecticut from the same waterproofed cotton as our bags. A 3M reflecto-stripe adorns the rear flap. 

A - Up to US Men's shoe size 7
B - US Men's shoe size 7 - 9
C - US Men's shoe size 9 plus, up to 14 maybe 15 actually. Depends on the shoe; splats have a big range of adjustment.

Sold per pair.

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