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MUSA Splats (pair)

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Musa Splats

Everybody who has 'em loves 'em. For what they are, they are perfect.

Splats are rain hats for your shoes, and when the task ahead is a 5-mile trip in a downpour and you have to work all day in the shoes you arrive in, they will save the day. They Velcro on in in two places, and block at least 98 percent of the rain, and that's plenty. You can walk around in them, since they don't cover the sole; but if you can't bring yourself to wear them as you're pushing the cart up and down the aisles at Trader Joe's, you can take them off in two seconds, and put them on again in four, when you're back at your bike again.

We tested several versions, sizes, and fastening systems, and this is the one we settled on. Fashion slaves and slicksters will snicker at the function-to-fashion ratio of 99.9:1, but all Splats care about is keeping your shoes dry cheaply.

Made in Connecticutt from Scottish waterproofed cotton. A 3M reflecto-stripe adorns the rear flap. The Velcro is stitched to Military Spec nylon webbing.

A - Up to US Men's shoe size 7
B - US Men's shoe size 7 - 9
C - US Men's shoe size 9 plus, up to 14 maybe 15 actually. Depends on the shoe; splats have a big range of adjustment.

Sold per pair.

Splat with the reflective strip is for the left foot, MUSA label right foot (but if you're riding around in the UK, India, Thailand, Japan, Australia, NZ, you know the driving rules in your country - then it's the opposite).