Over the years we've been really lucky to have such nice customers. A couple of years ago we started saving testimonials with the idea of posting them here and there, and here are some of them. Some are real gushers, but these are all super nice people, and we show them here with humility, that's all. You'll find more testimonials on the product pages too. Updated 2/18.


Hi Rivendell Friends!

Its me, Tanya M, from Minneapolis.  Ive been meaning to drop you a line to thank you all so very, very much for all your help, patience and precious time you gave me during my bike-shopping/buying trip to Rivendell a month ago!  I really enjoyed meeting each and every one of you, Thank You!!!!  
I received my bike within a week of my return, beautifully and thoughtfully packaged, like a gift!  And indeed, it most certainly is!   
I had no problem assembling what little was required.  With the help of some of your Youtube videos, I was able to place the rear brake cable in the frame slots, which was the most perplexing to figure out at first….until I looked at the video.  All that was required was to hand-squeeze the rear brake pads to the rim giving me enough slack to thread it in its frame slots.  The bars, seat-post, and pedals were no problem.  I adjusted the saddle to the correct height based on my PBH, and the bar height I adjusted as I rode around.  The front fender and the Mark-rack went on easy with the help of Roman’s instruction which I recalled when it came time to do it.  The basket….zippity-doo!  I wish more things used zip ties …they’re so easy and fun.  I cut a piece of inner tube to snug the bell to the bar.  When I finally stood back and looked at it, a big surge of excitement ran through me.  It’s really so, so beautiful, like a piece of jewelry!  
So when I finally took off on my first ride, I found myself…well…. comfortable, for one…really comfortable!  My next impression was, Wonder... at the feel, the ease, the nuances of the ride.  And finally, my awareness and sense of my surroundings.  I was really looking around…like for the first time it seemed, exploring and observing what Ive been missing all these years in my own beautiful environment.  Years spent riding a road bike had me focused more on the ground than anything mostly because it was so dang painful to crank my neck to look around. Not with this beauty!  Hello Cheviot, my love, where have you been all my life?
It was on this maiden voyage, with a newly inspired state of mind and body, that I came upon a local, long-abandoned creamery that I always passed by on my road bike.  Today I finally fed my curiosity and stopped to explore, only to discover the sad signs of “progress" in its soon-to-be destruction, via the wrecking ball.  Sensing an urgency to capture some authenticity of space before its dusted forever, (all for a swanky new condo building), I began to look closely at the beautiful textures, color, and patina of the different buildings and immediately started taking pictures with my iPhone.  After a few shots, it was then that I introduced my bike as the subject against this backdrop.  The next hour turned into a Cheviot Photo Shoot.......  
Well, finally, with this meandering story I leave you, but not without my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for a new perspective on life from the vantage point of this beautiful and excellently conceived, designed, and built, new bicycle of mine!..........along with a little documentation from the Cheviot Photo Shoot!  
Cheers my Friends!  I look forward to returning to the area to explore what I missed in Point Reyes and other places surrounding your beautiful home in Walnut Creek!  Thank you so much!
*Please forward this to anyone I missed who cares to know how appreciated they are at Rivendell!





Dear Grant,

It was August 2017 when you randomly picked up the phone one day and kindly took the time to discuss a Roadini frame with me….after a number of road bikes over the last years, and plenty of money, I figured my positive experience with a Sam would be an ok reason to take a chance on a Roadini.  We estimated the size….and the patient waiting began.
When I took ownership of the Campy-Dini in December, I loved the entire fit and finish.  It was definitely a Riv.  But how would it perform on a long ride?
Well, December and January in DC proved cold….like Tundra cold (literally, the records fell), so I could only sneak out on the rare mild day to tweak the fit and make the bike in tune with me…..truth be told, it required very little tweaking (thanks Will!).
Today, Spring struck and we hit 78 and no humidity (screw anyone from San Diego…..for us, we take what we can get between the freeze and the Swamp….and I mean real Swamp, not Congress!)….so I exercised my right as firm owner and….skipped work!
I took the Roadini on a 28 mile ride….it was FANTASTIC!  
Let me put this in perspective….I have never, not once since my old Fuji when I was a kid….gone 28 miles on ANY bike and not had tingle in my hands….I had ZERO tingle.  None.
Plus….this bike is FAST.  You should talk about that in the bike blurb on the website……I am 44 and don’t seek to be a speed demon, but this bike is not slow.  
The Campy performs great, and I do credit them some with their hoods/grips….they do form nice to the hand and take pressure off the inner thumb to forefinger.
But the bike just feels right…..my Sam feels right also, but to be fair it is more forgiving….Road bikes are not easy to get a good fit, and man when they are off they are BAD……this one is not only not off, it is amazing.
I am very, very pleased and more than happy to trumpet (as I have) to my friends the merits of Riv.  
I just wanted you to know….the performance lived up and then some to the looks.
Thanks again for designing the Roadini….its a dream,.
Best, J

Dear Riv...
(see attached) ... and the verdict after a quick 20 miles: this is the

smoothest bike I've ever ridden. Love that long wheelbase.

I positioned the stem at its highest point (as suggested) and will try
it there for a few days (not sure yet if I like it that high).

Kudos to those who pack-n-ship at Rivendell -- it was almost a shame
to break down such careful work.

This is my 3rd RivBike and each has been a joy to ride. Thanks again
for all your advice and assistance over the past few months. You guys
do it right.




Greetings Rivendell,
Thank you for the follow-up.
Part of these items will be used to complete a Dia Compe GC 700 center pull installation on my Sam.  Found them on eBay from a seller that recently cleared out on old bike shop.  Since it was eBay, I needed to leave 'feedback.' 
Riv deserves the same consideration.  Purchased on the 27th, arrived today - the 28th.
FAST shipping, Great Items, All Exactly as described, Would Buy From Again. 
I pray Riv keeps up the great work with great products.
Please feel free to cut, paste, and share the above comments.
Bicycle Dave

This bike entered my life as my mother was leaving it. Her last weeks were in the hospital down the road from Rivendell. I used public transit from Marin to ride my Cheviot nearly every day to visit her. This was not the plan when I ordered this wonderful thing. This was supposed to be the bike for picnics and detours and everyday living (underscored by folk songs stuck in my head), not dying. The last day I saw my mother, I took the woodsy way to the BART train. I paid attention to the colors of the doors of the houses, oblivious to the phone call coming my way. I aimed for the crackly orange leaves. "Drive safely," my mother had told me. I probably will. I think of her every time I ride my Cheviot. I ride this bike every day. In the rain seems to be best. May she carry me into old age.


Dave, Grant, and Vince:

I have had my Joe Appaloosa for about 2 months now and have logged over 200 miles on it. I have been doing long one day tours on it. I am 64 years young and had a hip replacement in July. The Appaloosa puts me in an upright position so I can ride comfortably. It is the best bike I have ever owned. Thanks for making such a great product. I have received several compliments from people on what a beautiful bike it is. I have a smile on my face every time I ride it. Thanks to Grant for the design, and thanks to Vince for helping me when I ordered it. You people are awesome!!!!

Aurora, Colorado

Hey Brian,
I bought a Hunqapillar a few years ago and have it up here at our cabin in the Adirondacks. It’s funny, despite the heft of the bike and the Schwalbe Big Ben tires - it ain’t a speedster - this is my favorite bike to ride. Well, maybe my A. Homer Hilsen…hard to decide.

Anyway, with those bigger tires, I go off on gravel rides in the area. Nice 20-30 mile loops through the hills. The other day I did a new ride near Ticonderoga, up a very steep hill (Warner Hill Road), then off on Peavey Road…which turned out to be a ATV oriented single lane, deeply rutted road, choked with stones, large rocks, puddles, and a couple of really cool views. Those tires were essential to getting through. Then down a fast drop and back to the start. It made me appreciate the versatility of the Hunqapillar as much as the comfort of the ride.
You guys have a great perspective and build excellent machines.

Order note:
Can't wait for my new Sam to get here (to go with my Homer)--and thanks again to D...great to meet you, and finally see Rivendell!

"Best to all at Riv!
I can now officially confirm that Sam H. is the perfect bike for blustery Northern European cycle tours. After 4 days and 300 miles, I'm the only one of the group still smiling.
-AH (Scotland)

Hi Dave,
First impression is a complete enthusiastic WOW! That bike [Appaloosa] is all I hoped it would be and even faster and more maneuverable than I had imagined it could be. I felt super-confident and secure on it and inspired to turn a way I never go (creature of habit), take a trail I hadn't scoped out in advance, go off curbs, etc. It was liberating. I cannot wait to spend more time on it and get to know it better. I am signed up for a carry-your-stuff-but-stay-in-motels tour in early June that I have been sort of nervous about but now I am super-excited because of my confidence that, on this bike, it will be fun. The view from the saddle is spectacular. I've been gushing about it to my friends (who ride carbon and think I am nuts).

I had a similar epiphany having also just purchased a Sam Hillborne from Rich. That's a bike I've admired from afar via various blogs and it is such a pleasure to ride it. It makes me realize I've been fighting hostile frames and geometries for years. I feel like I am experiencing what I've been seeking since riding bikes as a kid instead of the exercise/fitness/racing bikes that dominate in Boulder. It has taken a long time to realize what I want is very different than what is being sold locally and then to figure out that it actually is being sold somewhere (just not here).

Experiencing these two bikes, different but awesome in the same way, makes me want to convert all of my categories of bikes to the Rivendell version. Lurking on the RBW google group, it seems I am only a recent addition to a long list of people who figured this out before me.



Thanks for your help with my purchase of the Roadeo a few months back. I rode it for two weeks in Arizona at LH and SN's Desert Camp where I was a speaker.

This is my 21st year at their camps and while I've ridden my sage green Roadeo other years [his second Roadeo! - Ed.] , I've never had the number of admiring comments about a bike as I did this year. There's something about the white with red panels that drew riders to the bike. Almost all of the riders (we had 35 the first week and 57 the second week) were on either carbon or ti but everyone was impressed by the lug work and paint job.

And they were surprised by the light weight of the bike--I think most riders who have come into the sport relatively recently think any steel bike is a heavyweight. I hefted my bike and then several carbon bikes and there was little if any difference in the perceived weight. Many carbon bikes aren't as light as most people think they are!

So I think that a lot of riders got a good look at an alternative to carbon. I certainly enjoyed riding it--great handling and comfort on the rough roads of SE Arizona.

Thanks again!


Greetings one and all,

As you can see by the photograph (ATTACHED) our now one-year old and a few thousand miles on the Atlantis 2 bicycles which we purchased last year (mine as my "retirement gift" and F's because he just didn't want me to have one alone) are still going strong! Last year's trek from Bar Harbor to NYC was great; this year we joined 4 days of the Santa Fe Trail Bicycle Trek (we're both on the Santa Fe Century Board of Directors) from Santa Fe, NM to Trinidad, CO went even better ... probably because I had my second hip replacement in January 9 months earlier.
I still ride my 1987 [OtherBrand] from time to time; but, quite frankly I have *never* had a bicycle like the Atlantis. I give thanks to all of you every day!


Miesha, Brian
To all the great folks at Riv, I got the card you sent in today's post. What a classy group. I wanted to send along some pics of the finished product. I haven't had as much fun on a bike in 50 years. I smile every time I get on. Sometimes just ride around the block just for the fun of it.
Secondarily, it is the best looking bike in Dallas. Kind of slap dash as you'll see by the shifters and lack of front derailer. But, it's fun. Lots of Nitto up top, campy chorus on bottom cause I had it. Wheels and fenders from White and Woodys.
I can't thank you guys enough. Next, a Homer.

Best, K

Keven, Mark,
I rode my new Roadeo today. I really missed the "Rivendell " ride and handling. It's good to be back.
Alignment and everything is perfect and the paint job is spectacular.

I'm not being sarcastic-not one bit-and not being brown nosey . But [my Sam] just may be the best riding smartest bicycle ever. It's just so absolutely perfect. And I feel lucky and smart for buying one.

Keep up the good work. Just writing to say thanks and well done. I know it's nice to hear you hit a home run once in a while.‎ And you hit a grand slam in the bottom of the ninth game 7.
It really is just such a truly remarkable bike. I really don't see how a bike could get better.

Take care.

July 2015
Here is my Sam on my ride home from work. I built it up the night I got home, and I'm so happy with it!
I ended up going with bar end shifters, a seat post with some squish, 11-34 cassette with a mid cage xt rear derailleur, a23 rims to 36 hole xt hubs, Thompson stem on the adapter, and slick 40c tires eat up all the hard pack bumps and float over the sandy spots.
When I was at the shop I was wondering if going with the blue paint job was a mistake because the black looked so classy, but it is so refreshing to look down at a cool blue when it is 100+ degrees out.
Thank you all so much for being awesome.

April 25, 2015

Hi Keven--

I'm not sure if you're the right person to send this, but it's the opposite of a gripe, so please feel free to forward accordingly.
I just wanted to let you know that I had a truly incredible customer service experience thanks to Jenny.
Long story short: Small order got lost, replacement was sent overnight (against my protests), original order got found, back orders were sent promptly, etc.
I spent less than $90.00 all in. I got tenfold that much back in Jenny's extra efforts, excellent communication, and general being-awesomeness.
Stuff like this makes me realize it's a waste of my time and goodwill trying to save a couple of bucks elsewhere when I can support a business who proves to me that they care.

Thank you,

Los Angeles, CA USA

Hi All:

I just wanted to let you know that I took my brand-new bike (Cheviot) out for a long ride today. It was awesome! Thanks to all of you for making such a nice bike, and for the excellent customer service, too. I’m looking forward to many years of riding around in city and country.



Just wanted to drop a line and say what a nice treat it was to read your most recent post on the blug.
The idea that after 20 years, the enthusiasm is still there for doing things your own uncompromising (but evolving) version of "the right way" is awesome, inspiring, and encouraging.
I've been an avid reader of all things Rivendell for 8 years, owned my second-hand Quickbeam for almost 2, and have been getting most of my bike stuff from Rivendell for the past 2 years as well. From that admittedly narrow slice of perspective, I'd say what you're doing continues to get better and more interesting as it evolves, which is not an easy feat.
I hold out great hope that the Clem Smith Jr. project will be a resounding success at the dual purposes of getting smartly designed bikes of great utility and fun potential into the hands of many people, and also generating some meaningful cash-flow for Riv. so you can pay more and do more, because when everything done is as good as the things Riv. does, more is always better. I can't imagine why it wouldn't be a winner, and I look forward to it!
Thanks again!


I thought you’d like to hear this quick story. I ride with the Princeton Freewheelers out here in central NJ. It’s a good group with the typical mix of rides ranging from social (“C” level) to high end (“A” level).

I’ve finally taken the plunge and will be leading my first rides for the group (at a “B” level) which I’m calling “In Search of Gravel” – which will incorporate off road sections. It’s exactly the kind of terrain where Rivendell really shines. Fast enough on the road, stable and secure in the dirt / gravel / sand that will pop up along the way. My thought is that bicycling should include adventure and exploration…and getting closer to nature and away from cars if possible.

When the ride list was posted, one of the responses was semi-incredulous about the ride. “This is more of a MTB ride” was the thinking – which gets part of the facts right, but misses the value of a light fast road riding frame. The other comment was about using “common sense” on rides, which sort of misses the point about secure and comfortable wider tires (I’ll be on 39mm 650B’s) as compared to skinny tires.

In any case, I’m sort of carrying the flag for what you have advocated for years. I’ll be taking my Bleriot out for the ride, which will be sure to capture more comments…about the Brooks saddle, the moustache handlebars with bar-end shifters, etc.

I bet we’ll have more fun than the other rides, however!


Hey Grant,

Just got the new Hillborne catalog yesterday and it looks great. Such a handsome bike.

Made me realize I hadn't written since going to Patagonia with Daniel. Not sure if you know, but I picked up your purple Pugsley which turned out to be just marginally overkill and a heck of a lot of fun. I packed light (for luggage I had a med Sackville saddle bag, a frame bag and a handlebar bag) which was mostly significant in keeping the trip feeling like a series of overnighters instead of some epic struggle to carry all the things of comfort from back home. (Some tourers carried folding chairs)

Anyhow, I wanted to tell you that that saddle bag kept my stuff dry in all day downpours. The same rain that penetrated the XXXBRAND handlebar bag and soaked the inside. And, if the rain wasn't enough, the saddle bag had to deal with all the water those 3.8 inches tires were kicking up (no fenders). Impressive. Thanks for making such a quality bag.

Well, I'm gonna swing by Sunday. I'd like to build a city/dirt/fun bike around the Cheviot frame but Manny said I might interested in some top secret model coming out soon. Or a Hunq. I don't know yet.

Hope to see you then.




Hi Grant

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how great it was to visit the Rivendell HQ and BB&H when I visited Walnut Creek a while back.

Everyone was super friendly and it was everything I hoped it would be, I’ve been wanting to visit for years and finally a work trip to Marin Bikes came up that allowed me a few extra days in the Bay area (my home from home).

Will at BB&H was super, even when my emotions kind of overran and he had to deal with a grown man with tears of happiness. And I spent a good while with Jared who let me test some bikes and talk general bike nonsense.

I did drop Jared a thank you mail, but I think it probably got blocked by a filter. Please pass on my thanks to him.

BB&H is one of the most visually arresting shops I have ever seen, it is beautifully done and exceeded any expectations.

We did cross paths as I was walking to the offices, you zipped by on your way to the shop. I did spot you at Interbike last year, but you were deep in conversation with Richard Schwinn.

Anyhow, I’ve been a great advocate of what you are doing for years, the simple premise is just wonderful.

As much as my day job involves the current trends in the cycling world, there is nothing more simple and basic as a practical bike, regular clothes, and riding for fun.

I have taken a lot of inspiration from you over the years, and will continue to do so.
Many thanks again to you all.

Bristol, UK


Hello to all,

I hope this note finds the Rivendell team well.

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you all for shipping this wonderful Atlantis bicycle all the way to Australia. It arrived Wednesday.

While I am indebted to my beautiful wife for allowing this indulgence, I am equally so to the Rivendell artisans for their superb craftsmanship.

The Atlantis is an absolute tribute to you all. This particular one will travel the blue and black lines on the map in Australia for a lifetime.

I wish you all the best, and look forward to visiting your store when I am in the US in 2016.

Kind regards,



Good morning, Keven.

About a month ago I purchased a Betty Foy that apparently was the last one you had left in the warehouse. My wife, Sara, and I have been admirers of Rivendell bikes for a long time and when I started looking into purchasing one for her for our 35th wedding anniversary, to my dismay the Betty Foy was no longer available. Bummer, I waited too long. Since that was the case, I was planning on getting her a Cheviot and even though Sara was excited to be getting a Rivendell, she was at the same time disappointed that it wasn't a Betty Foy. The cost of a custom paint job wasn't in the budget so it was going to have to be a Cheviot or nothing.

One evening I was browsing your website and to my great excitement you had a size 58 Betty Foy Complete listed. I couldn't believe it. I ordered the bike at 2am that morning and the rest is history.

I just want to tell you how much Sara loves the Betty. She has ridden a BRAND X mixte for about 5 or 6 years and really liked it. Once she rode the Betty Foy, however, she told me that she didn't know a bike could ride that much nicer. I believe the Betty Foy is the perfect bike for her in every way. The fit is perfect, the ride is wonderful, and of course it is a thing of beauty to look at. It appears that even the crank length is perfect for her as she finds that her legs don't get tired out pedaling at a faster cadence than on the BRAND X. An added benefit for me is that when we ride together I get to enjoy looking a beautiful bike and smiling wife!

Anyway, I just wanted you to know how much we love the bike and appreciate the fine service. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. BTW, I just got a new Nitto Bosco for my BRAND Y (alas I still don't have a Rivendell :( and I can't wait to get it installed and try it out. Thank you for the muchas gracias note card with all your signatures. I appreciate the family touch that brings.



Hi, Keven.

Just thought I'd say "Hi!" and let you know that my two Hillbornes are still everything one could hope for from a bike. For the last more-than-a-year I went through a kind of mostly-commuting period where I did not ride as regularly or as far as I once did, but throughout that time the Hillbornes kept us from needing a second car. I've been back to riding more and longer for a few months now and, while I may never get back to my peak weekly average, I'm on the bike more and enjoying it immensely.

The Hillbornes still just disappear beneath me as I'm riding. They fit me perfectly. They accommodate the roads and trails I ride beautifully. I'm now got some Vittoria Randonneur Hypers on one and brown Little Big Bens on the other, both about the same size. The controlled plushness is unsurpassable. Hot, cold, dry, wet, sober, drunk... the Hillborne is a Great Bike.

I'm marginally sad to say my next bike will not be from RBW; I need a folder and only a BRAND Y will do. I've learned that key to my continuously enjoying riding is never, ever to be where there is no decent bike to ride. I won't pretend a BRAND Y rides like my Hillborne. But it does fit and ride better than my old BRAND X ever did (a friend has a BRAND Y I've ridden, and my son now has one). Brilliant design. Mine will have Miesha's cork grips. My TrunkSack Large fits on its rear rack. And I'm a few extension straps away from fitting my SlickerSack on its front rack.

That reminds me...damn! you guys sell good bike bags!



Dear Grant,

I just wanted to take the time to write a short thank you note commending the entire team, specifically Keven and Mark with whom I worked, on the purchase of my new Sam Hillborne build.

As I told Keven during the buying process, I am a veteran of many terrible bad breaks in sizing. Part of it is my sorrowful swimmer's build, which works well for Michael Phelps, penguins and me (in that order), but NOT for traditional bike sizing. I'm about 5 ft 9 but my pbh, pulling really hard, is 80. That's 31.5 to us Anglophiles. And stumpy to the casual observer.

I can't begin to explain how challenging it has been to get a bike that gives me ok stand over AND enough top tube to be comfortable. I have a long torso, and a couple of times have even bought bikes on negative clearance to get myself comfy up top (witness the XXBRANDXX bike). It was the only way I could avoid feeling cramped.

Sadly, negative clearance isn't a long term riding proposition, especially with starts and stops around town, and I sold that XXBRANDXX.

We went with a 51 cm Sam. I am hoping and praying it works. This expanded frame concept is pretty new to me, but I ride a 54 cm XXBRANDXX, and while it still has me a bit lower than I'd like, it is the best of any of my bikes for fit. Generally speaking, it works.

The bike arrives to me next Monday so I'll know soon.

In helping walk me through this, Keven spent over 2 hours on the phone with me. I really appreciated it. That's unheard of even in a bike shop in person. As a small business owner myself the last 11 years, I appreciate when folks go that extra mile. And while I don't dwell on compliments, it's always nice to have them.

I thought you'd appreciate hearing the same.

So, fingers crossed that finally some luck will shine on this penguin physique! I am looking forward to the bike.

All the best,



Hello, Rich;

I just wanted to drop a note of thanks to you for your sleuthing and excellent work on my wheel issue. The wheel is silent as a dead cat in the snow. Thank you for all the time and labor you set aside for me; it is so much appreciated. I have so little to compare the level of service I have received from you and from all at Rivendell Bicycle Works. Here’s to much, happy business in our future.

Lord help you,

Hi Grant / John,

I received the order - thanks very much - poncho and gloves as described - a very happy customer. I was pretty appalled to see that it cost you $XX to ship it to me in Australia. You only charged me $YY, so that must have taken a bite out of the profit on a relatively small order. The order arrived in under a week, but it wasn't all that urgent for me. Not sure what other options you had, but I would happily have waited another week.



P.S. I visited Walnut Creek back in 2007 or 2008 and bought my 60cm protovelo. The Clear power coat is still holding up ok (at least better than paint would have). My wife commented at the time that your bathroom was the cleanest of any she saw in our 2 weeks in SF ;-))

I've got Atlantis built up and I'm ridin' . This may be the first bike I have ever owned that really fits me correctly and I want to thank you for your help.... especially Jay who wouldn't take no for an answer when I wavered on making a decision. I'm not saying "hard sell" I'm saying good salesmanship from a salesperson who understands and is willing to say "you need to buy this" when that is truly the case ( I know because I'm a salesman).

Yeah it doesn't have the buttery ride of my old AHH but it's pretty darn close and I as someone else observed: "it feels like I'm riding IN it not ON it".

I also want to thank you for the great "Rivendell" service on getting the frame shipped out so quickly. You guys continue to under promise and over deliver and I want you to know your customers appreciate that.

I will send some photos of the finished bike soon.



I want to write to your group every day. I ride my Atlantis with such a sense of joy, it is spiritual. I ride it, I want to thank you. It would look like SPAM. Well done on all accounts. I have never been disappointed in your products.

La Crosse, WI


I recently rode 108 miles into the southern Sierra Nevada with 10,000 feet of climbing. I used several components from Rivendell: Nitto bars, stem, seatpost, MKS pedals, Brooks B17. Thanks to the stem, the bar tops were at saddle height. The roads were super steep, but I stayed well within my limits and finished in 11 hours, and my 67-year-old body was never uncomfortable on the bike. Thanks for selling these fine components.

Vista, CA


Those wide tires are awesome. At 260 pounds, this tire feels right, unlike my previous skinny tires, which were harsh to ride and such a pain to keep inflated. The fatties need less attention and don't feel slow to me, and I'm not that slow for an old fat guy (ten miles of rollers in thirty minutes on 32's). Thank you for taking the time and effort to promote your cycling ideas.



I received my Grip King pedals last night and put them on my commuter. They're the best pedals I've used in a while. I have size fourteen feet, so I really appreciate the surface area and the work you put into the design.

This is the second time I have moved away from "clipped-in" pedals, and I think with these pedals I have no reason to look back.



It's 12:30 AM and it's been a heck of a long, grueling week. I was on a business trip and came home to find the Rivendell catalog in the stack of mail. It made me happy, and even though it's late and I'm beat, I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for what you do. I just read the "Introducing the Firm" piece and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your company gives me cause to hope for a future that's not just high-tech and ever more complicated.


P.S. I can't wait to try out the Jack Browns. I just have to wait until my Ruffy Tuffys wear out, although I'm not sure I want to wait that long!


I have a few hundred miles on the Grip King pedals, wearing everything from hiking shoes to flip flops, and they work fantastically well. They even perform when wet. Excellent design on the grip nodes -- I can't feel them except through the lightest of shoes, and they provide great gription. An unintended consequence is that the unique visual draws a lot of attention and the inevitable "What the heck are those?" questions, and those are a lot of fun to answer.

Irvine, CA


The Noodle bar is everything I expected it to be and more. I expected the extra space on top, and the curve back from the stem is just what the hands want. What was unexpected was the slight flare-out on the drops. It is as comfortable as it is beautiful, and I am really stoked to have it on my bike.

Sacramento, CA


What can I say, the bike is phenomenal! I thought it might have trouble living up to my high expectations, but it far surpassed them. No more hand, neck, back, or pelvic-region pain. I'm riding in comfort twenty miles a day to work. The bike is truly beautiful and a joy to ride. Thanks again for your honest and common sense approach to bike riding for us "non-pros."

Mesa, AZ


Your MUSA pants are perfect. Really nice job. Are you going to get some in black again? As soon as you do, I'll buy a pair.

Spokane, WA


My Minoura bike stand arrived last week, and I used it over the weekend. It's a really outstanding product; beautifully engineered and finished, and quick and simple to use. It's worth the money.

Edina, MN


My wife's Saluki arrived and it's perfect in every way. The bike is all we had hoped for; she is so pleased. Thanks so much again for the time you gave us and the gentle guidance you offered Deb. It's a great frame, wonderful paint job, proper collection of components, and it was built, adjusted and shipped perfectly. I am particularly impressed with the care obviously taken during the buildclean and precise, well done. "Attaboy" for the crew. You and your gang and your products are the exception, not the rule. Good for you and good on you. Good for us. We will do business again, and we will suggest that others give you a look-see.

Big Rapids, MI


Thank you to whoever designed the Grip King pedals. After using them for a few months, I can say I'll never go back to toe-clips. Having different positions for my feet and working different leg muscles has been a real eye-opener. Climbing hills is much easier. Thanks!

Santa Clarita, CA


I have been a cyclist and wannabe bodybuilder for 25 years. These two activities have taken a toll on my body, my shoulders and hands in particular. I have carpal tunnel syndrome and shoulder impingements in both shoulders. A few years ago I thought I would have to give up cycling because my hands went really numb within a few minutes on the bike.

Of course, I had always been fit by bike shop employees with a racing mindset, so my bars were three or more inches below the saddle. Then I discovered you guys. My first step was to order a Technomic stem from you for a road bike that was too small. It helped, but it wasn't until I applied your fit philosophy to a new bike that I was really comfortable. I set it up with a high bar cockpit, a B17 Brooks saddle, and most importantly a 46cm Noodle bar. Wow!

I now have Noodles on all my road bikes, and I can't begin to tell you how much they've helped my comfort. I will put a Noodle on every road bike I ever own, until the day I die or can't ride, whichever comes first. I know you are proud of your role in bringing back lugged steel and canvas bags, but the Noodle bar is your greatest contribution to the cycling world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Homosassa Springs, FL


Thanks for the shoe article on your website. I agree completely with your article, and I also think that my bike shoes have caused some problems with my feet.
I'm stopping the cycling marketing madness on lots of fronts. Thanks for the encouragement to do so!



I gave up on riding some years back when I tired of clips and shoes. I loved to ride, but in those days I seemed to spend more time getting ready to ride than actually riding. It's good to be back.

Indianapolis, IN


It's summertime, we've got two really cool bikes, and we're riding as much as we can. My wife loves her Glorius. The build quality of her bike is up to Rivendell standards. I hope business is going well, but not so busy as to interfere with your bike riding. Mark us down as two more happy customers.



We're in the metal building business, and the steel we use for buildings has risen in cost over 100% so far this year, and more increases are announced for future months. Your points about raising your prices are well taken, and you should not ever worry about charging a fair price for your goods, based on your costs, including paying decent wages and benefits to the Rivendell staff. Your bikes will still not be too expensive for "someone with a job and bicycle priorities" (one of my all-time favorite lines).

I have a Rambouillet and a Saluki, and will be watching for some of your upcoming bikes. Thanks for building them.

Prattville, AL


I bought a Rambouillet last June and I love it. It rides like a dream. I have a hard time spending money and almost backed out of the deal twice, but this is the best purchase I have ever made.

When I came by recently with my dad and asked John if I could show my dad one of the bikes, John not only said OK, but also came out and was very nice to my father. I really appreciate John taking a few minutes to explain the bike to my dad and chat with him.

Seattle, WA


I installed the recommended Albatross bars and new stem over the weekend. They felt wonderful on my ride in this morning. In addition being comfortable, they really reduced road shocksrough pavement that had jarred me on straight bars was barely noticeable. I also had a much easier time at intersections because my sight line was more direct.

The bars are beautiful. I've been searching my memory for a Japanese term I read once that describes the perfect blending of form and function that results in an object so spare that nothing can be removed. I need that term to describe these bars. I ordered some cork tape to use on the upper curve, but I think for now it will go unused so I can keep on looking at the curve. My hands fit nicely on the cork grips.

As you told me, rideability is 500% improved. You are good at what you do.

Indianapolis, IN


I am the proud, grateful, and excited owner of a Quickbeam. I wanted to share with you how much I love this bike.

The guy who put it together at my favorite local bike shop said it was the most beautiful bike he'd built all month. They have some lovely machines in their shop, but I knew when I wheeled it in that the QB would steal their hearts.

Boulder, CO


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