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Rivendell Bicycle Works
2040 N. Main St. #19
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Phone hours Monday - Friday 10am-4pm
(925) 933-7304 or (800) 345-3918
Call for sales or advice about Rivendell bikes and parts. Please note we do not sell or service any other brands of bikes, just ours, so our knowledge may be limited with other brands, old stuff, etc. For questions about your current order, please have your order # ready.

is our own brand, it's all we sell and we know it well.
There are some things we don't know, just a heads up:
the value of your used bike (half what you paid?)
everything about non-Rivendell bikes, especially what bottom bracket goes on blah blah
the "history" of a frame you didn't buy from us based on a serial number. Ask the "owner", we just don't know!


Here is a link to our full Email Directory
For Sales and general questions email Will or Vince (Tues-Sat) or Roman (Mon-Fri)
Please pick one person to email, otherwise confusion will reign.
Note: we do not reply to rude or insulting emails, and bad words may trigger the spam filter, so keep 'em clean!

For Mechanical questions about Rivendell bikes, contact Mark
Small parts (not frames) out of stock/when will it be back in stock questions go to Spencer .

Most questions are answered here: (Help Page)
At the help link above you can update orders, check tracking, etc.

Here is a link to our full staff email directory