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We're here to help, and if we're here, you will not get a recording asking you to punch in the extension of the person you wish to speak with, or a notification that our options have recently changed.

Telephone: (925) 933-7304  or    (800) 345-3918.

M-F 8:30-3:30            Saturday 10:15 to 3:45


Here is a link to our full Email Directory

We don't sell or service any other brands of bikes, just ours, so our knowledge may be limited with other brands, old stuff, etc.

For questions about your current order, please have your order # ready. We ship fast, so call rather than email. It may have already been packed and gone.

We give great free advice.

For Sales and general questions about buying a frame or bike, email: 

Please pick one person to email, for faster service. Don't email the same thing to several of us. Thanks!

If you want to know when something will be back in stock, contact Spencer.

Here is a link , again, to our full Email Directory