Original Owner, non-transferable, Warranty

Our frames pass tough, standardized, internationally recognized laboratory tests tailored to their intended use: Road bikes pass the road bikes tests; Trails-specific bikes (our “Hillibikes”) pass the mountain bike tests; our Country bikes (Sam, Homer, Platypus) pass a “cross bike” test. But even though well-designed and well-built, bikes—like bridges, cameras, watches, and cereal bowls, can break. We’ve taken great measures to bolster our frames against breakage and we expect them to be on the road in 40 years, but we don’t guarantee that. If something happens to your bike, even if it wasn’t our fault, we’ll work with you individually—and privately—to resolve it in a way that we think is fair to both. Buying a Rivendell is a risk, but a low-risk. 
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