Original Owner, non-transferable, Warranty

Despite fear-and-ethics-based fanatical efforts to prevent frames from breaking, and beyond that, the assurances that frames tests provide, bikes can still break, damn 'em. We're conservative in our selection of materials, in the design of the tubes, lugs, fork crowns, dropouts, and frames; and we buy only from manufacturers who are equally conservative (careful). In fact, thirty percent of the time, they'll tell us "use a thicker tube." 
If your frame brakes despite all this, we’ll work with you privately to resolve it in a way we think is fair to both.
Privately means what the dictionary says it means. If you blast images on the internet and ask for speculations from the experts out there, we don't consider that "private."  In any case,a fresh frame free is unlikely even with stellar behavior, but when you're at your best, we're at ours :) 

As noted above, our frames pass tough, standardized, objective, internationally recognized lab tests tailored to their intended use:

Road bikes: Roadeo, Roadini, and Roaduno pass road bike tests. These are for riding on roads, not trails. Even if it fits a 2-inch/50mm tire, it’s a road bike. It makes sense to ride fattish tire on pavement in town, so some of our Road bikes fit tires the mainstream bike industry considers too fat for roads.

Country bikes: A. Homer Hilsen, Sam Hillborn, Platypus, and other geared bikes that we designed for tires 35mm to 48mm (even if they’ll fit bigger) are for paved and dirt roads, not rocky trails. They pass cross bike tests—tougher than road bike tests, not as tough as mountain bike tests.

Hillibikes: Clem, Atlantis, Appaloosa, Gus Boots-Willsen, and Susie Longbolts/Wolbis Slugstone...all pass mountain bike tests.

Our bikes are for riding, not showing off, not stunts, not "riding pushed to the limits" antics that are tecnically still riding, but have nothing to do with travel. Our bikes are for travelers. 



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