Why Rivendell?

  • Frame Colors - Frame Colors Looking for touch-up paint? We don't have it. But you can find close matches here.
  • How Lugs Are Made - This originally appeared on our Blug blog in March 2013. Making Bicycle Lugs from Rivendell Bicycle Works on Vimeo . Read the companion blog with more pictures too.
  • How We Pack Your Bike - The best bike packing in the world We use a stiff, expensive custom cardboard box. It costs $30. We use blue foam blocks that cost about $5 each to pad the bike in various spots.
  • Lugs - Good Lugs strengthen the frame at the joints Lugs allow brazing, which we believe is the kindest, gentlest way to join tubes, and certainly the one which allows the easiest tube replacement.
  • Quality - Quality The best way to determine a frame's quality is to check its alignment, and then have the frame stress-analyzed by photronics, strain gauges, or finite element analysis.
  • Walking the Dog - Davy Graham "Walking the Dog" Bike: Legolas 53 Dog: Mad Jack '76-'96