Collection: Fenders

We prefer German plastic fenders made by SKS to all others. They're quiet, good-looking, effective, and take to the drill or dremel when necessary like no others.

Quickly: As of 4/11/23, the new SKS Bluemel fenders below will replace the P50, P55, and previous B65 -- of which we only have a few on hand or may have sold out of already. The new Bluemels come in 2 sizes and cover 95% of our bikes needs.

If you're looking to grab a discontinued model (limited availability), use the following guide: get the P50 for 650b or 700c tires up to 45mm.  •   For 29er (700c) get the old B65 for tires 2" and bigger.  •   For 26" tires up to 2" use the P55.