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PDW fender safety tabs

PDW fender safety tabs

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Portland Design Works fender safety tabs

We don't carry metal fenders, but we know some of our customers like to use them. Our beef with the metal is mostly that they don't have quick release safety clips for the front struts - That means if you suck up a stick there's a high likelihood you'll get flipped over the bars and you might even bend your fork too. We've seen it happen - maybe once a year, BUT metal fenders can be totally safe if you use these safety tabs. The struts will pop out if you suck up a stick and you'll be able to re-attach them and keep riding.


These still aren't enough for us to start carrying Honjos (did you know they started as a gutter company?), but we'll definitely carry these.


Don't buy these if you have the SKS fenders we sell - they won't work and those come with a safety release already.

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