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Nuts 'n' Bolts hardware baggie

Nuts 'n' Bolts hardware baggie

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Helpful little baggie of chromed steel nuts and bolts and washers of assorted lengths and sizes.  Good for fenders and racks and water bottle cages and other things on the bike and around the house, too.

baggie contents list

· 1 - M5 x 54mm bolt - for bolting stuff to the fork crown
· 3 - M5 x 25mm bolts - for racks and fenders
· 2 - M5 x 15mm bolts - for racks and fenders
· 5 - M5 x 11mm bolts - waterbottle bolts
· 5 - M5 nylock nuts 
· 9 - 25mm x 5mm x 1mm washers

Made in Germany by SKS
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