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SKS Fender Mudflap, SHORT, each

SKS Fender Mudflap, SHORT, each

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SKS calls these short flaps "Spoiler Pro".

These mudflaps look like hard plastic in these pics but they're actually a soft, rubbery material that won't break when you bang your fenders into the ground.  Good protection for your hard plastic fenders and good at extending the length of your fenders.

About 2" shorter than the LONG front fender flap, use the short for the rear if you ever wheelie walk your bike on Bart or where ever. Long one is good for the front fender to keep your feet dry.

- 42-45: works on fenders P40 and P45

- 50-60: for the P50, P53, B55, P55, and P60

- 65: for the B65 and P65

Easy to install: slip this on the end of the fender, make a mark on the fender with a sharpie where the hole in the flap is, drill a 1/4" hole in the fender and use the special plastic rivet things or a nut and bolt or zip tie to hold it on.


Made in Germany 

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