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SKS Fender Hardware and Stays kit

SKS Fender Hardware and Stays kit

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Welcome, sit down, and buckle up for the ride of your life.

This is four (4) 360mm long stays and the hardware to mount them. The tricky little bolts with the holes in them, and the nuts for them. All you need.
By the way, the ASM (anti-shift, lock nut) on presta inner tubes works as a life-or-death situation. You may or may not need a washer.

Now, furthermore, if you've lost your fender-stay nut and don't have a presta valve locknut to sub for it, and you have one of our bikes with an MX seat binder nut, and for some reason would rather have your seat post sink than have a loose fender, and duct tape is out of the question (as a fender stay-to-fender connection), then you could, conceivably, use your seat binder nut for the fender stay nut. Our seat binder nuts have a nyloc anti-vibration doughnut in them, though, and you'd have to pry it out of forge on through it.

kit contents list
· 2 stainless steel V-Stays
· 2 stainless steel V-Stays ASR (plug) style safety release
· 8 eyebolts
· 8 nuts
· 8 Stay end caps
· 8 plastic spacer washers

Note: if you got older SKS fenders that use the secu-clip style safety release v-stays, this new hardware kit with the ASR safety release is backward compatible.
For SKS fender models: Longboard, Commuter, Bluemels
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