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SKS/ESGE LongBoard Silver Fenders - P50

SKS/ESGE LongBoard Silver Fenders - P50


LongBoard P50

These are the best fenders you can get. They're made of a gummy, recycled plastic that's hard to crack. We like these over all others.

Get the P35 if you use 700c wheels and tires skinner than 28, the P45 Longboards if you ride up to a 38-40 size.

Get the P50 for 700c tires up to 50mm. The P35 fit most road bikes with sidepulls, and the larger ones (P45 Longboards) fit canti bikes and some (not all) standard reach sidepulls.

For 29er (700c) or 26" tires up to 2" use the P55 and the B65 for tires 2" and bigger.

We use the P50 for all our 650B wheeled bikes (except the Bombadil, that needs the P50 or B65) and it works and looks perfect.

TIP: Get some reflective tape and run a strip of it up the back fender. It sticks great and shines bright, and if you're ever out at night without a light, at least you've got this. You're going to be seen. Note: After fitting and adjusting the fenders, you may want to trim the stays so that they end at or below the diameter of the fender. This reduces the risk of scraping or cutting yourself on the exposed ends (even though the stays may be capped). Trim with a bolt cutter or a Dremel tool.

Sold as a pair (one bike's worth) with all of the necessary hardware and struts.

Another tip: For some reason we get an inordinate number of returns on the P65s--the 26" big fatties. One thing that happens often enough to mention it here is: They are really wide, and SKS cuts away a bit of the part that fits between the chainstays--so it'll fit. But it makes the lower part asymmetrical, and people think "DEFECT!" and it's not defective, it's just a necessary cut that makes it work. There's no way around it--if the fender is that wide, it needs to be cut away to fit between the stays. But the P55 fenders---one notch skinnier but still fat---are fine for tires up to 2 wide. We shouldn't even carry the 26" x P65s, but now and then somebody with big-big-a** tires wants them, and so we do. Until the next return..

NOTE: ALL our SKS chromoplast fenders are now LongBoard style with mudflaps and longer length.

If the stays that come with these fenders aren't long enough for your bike (unusual), then get the longer stay fender hardware kit here.

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