Testimonials 2

Cycling's fun again, it connects a lot of people, and you and your company have done an awful lot to promote that. So thanks. I'll keep buying stuff from you and keep enjoying it.

Santa Rosa, CA


My wife and I have been riding your bikes for six years now. No troubles with any of them, each unique, each well used, each appreciated. You make an exceptional product, and I appreciate what you do.

Seattle, WA


My experience with this rack is an example of why I will remain your customer. I have peppered you all with questions as I have built up my bike, and you have always answered with suggestions that have worked well. I might be able to save money somewhere else, but I could not match the service.



Thanks to you and your very helpful crew on my recent Bleriot frame
Purchase -- my second one! Rivendell's customer service remains the best.

South Orange, NJ


Thank you for great, timely service on my order for new friction shifters. The order arrived as scheduled and in good condition. The catalogue provides excellent information for someone like me who hasn't been on a bike in more than forty-five years (I'm sixty). Great, great tips; thank you. And by the way, you're right about the soap, my wife hates the smell!

El Paso, TX


Hopefully I'm not the only loyal Reader reader and member who thinks you're doing the right thing by posting it online for free. It's smart, considerate, way more tree-friendly, and just a good solution all around. I look forward to the PDF whenever it's ready.

Seattle, WA


Thank you for promoting USA-made products. The cycling world is rife with discounted, dodgy offerings from China, and I've made deliberate and often painstaking efforts to avoid them. I'm happy to pay a bit more for products that support our way of life.

Washington, D.C.


I recently switched from drop bars to your Albatross bar with Silver bar-end shifters. I was worried that I might be performing a blasphemous procedure on my racing bike, but I'm happy to report that I've ended up with a one-of-a-kind, attractive, fast, extremely comfortable bike. I ride just as fast as I did with drop bars, but with more control and no sore neck and hands. The shifters are wonderful! -- smooth as butter and silent. No clicking, and virtually no effort. As you said, it's almost impossible to mis-shift. It's great to be able to shift across several gears at once when I need to.

Also, I put on some Grip King pedals and love them. I always used to get numb toes on longer rides, but not with these pedals. Once again, no loss of speed, power, or control.

You work very hard in a small segment of the industry that just doesn't get the attention or credit you're really due. Thank you for your great information, great products, and great support. When I can afford it, I'll be ordering one of your complete bikes. Until then, I'll be out and about, and enjoying the ride with the new bars, shifters, and pedals.

St. Albans, WV


I always try to express my enjoyment and satisfaction whenever I have contact with any of your employees. I love the Rivendell custom All Rounder you designed and built for me in 2002. You may not remember, but you called me concerning my component selection one morning and I told you that you had been the subject of a conversation with my wife that very morning. It concerned your childhood memories of waking up to the smell of warm Chuck Taylors in the oven after your mother had washed them! I still get a chuckle out of that. You also offered and installed the Suntour bar-end supermix shifters that you had stashed in your dresser drawer at home. I'm forever grateful.

Lincoln, NE


I started looking for advice on touring bikes and I stumbled on to your web site. This site has been by far the most informative, easy to understand I have found. I often come here to find out what you guys think about camping, cranks, and cogs. Thanks again for the humor and sage advice. Keep up the good work.



One of the things I'm grateful for this year is Rivendell. Your honesty, your mission (my interpretation of it, anyway), your wonderful products, your website (my daily read!), your quick shipping of my orders, I know I'm forgetting more. With your parts, I've put together three bikes so far for myself and for my twenty-one-year-old daughter, and I'm working on a fourth. My road bike is a used steel framed beauty with great Rivendell-purchased parts. It must be challenging in the best of times to run a business that bucks the current fads, and in a poor economy even more challenging. For 2009, I pledge to patronize Rivendell even more!

San Rafael, CA


I just wanted to say thanks to ya'll for designing my bike, having it made, fitting it and helping me outfit it, showing me the nuances of putting it together, building my kickass wheels, answering my endless questions, helping me find new stuff that I might or might not need, informing and amusing me, almost always being pleasant, regularly placing your tongue in your cheek, and keeping it going.

My bike has contributed greatly to my happiness this year. Thank you, all of you.



I just got back from my first ride on the Bombadil. I'm very happy and want to thank everyone involved.

I also want to express special kudos for packing the bike. I missed the first attempt by UPS to deliver the bike but managed to arrange to pick the bike up at the UPS warehouse later in the evening. I arrived after dark and it was a cold evening and I just wanted to claim my bike and get it home. When the UPS driver took me to the bike, my heart sank. One quarter of one side of the box was crushed and torn open. There were two puncture holes about the diameter of a fifty-cent piece in the part of the box that wasn't crushed. It looked like a truck had driven over the box several times. The UPS supervisor told me he had entered the condition of the box into their records and if I encountered any damage to the bike itself, they would pick it up and return the bike, no questions asked. I signed for the bike, took it home and unpacked it. There was not a scratch on it. Please pass on my thanks for a fantastic job of packing the bike!

New Mexico


First off, I want to thank everyone at Rivendell for what you are doing. Just awesome.

I have been in the bicycle industry for going on 15 years, and it has been a long time since I felt so positive about a company. I recently purchased my first Rivendell back in December and became a member. I know it's silly to attribute grandiose life changes to a bicycle/company, but I really have taken much of the Rivendell philosophy to heart and it has made vast improvements. I am very fortunate to be the stay at home parent of my two-year-old daughter, and reading about this cause has really struck home. I don't think she understands why she is getting hugs twice as much now. You guys have made a difference in our family, and in turn we will do our best to help make a difference in theirs.

Denver, CO


I ordered the Nitto Albatross aluminum handlebars and a basket the other day primarily because of the way that they were described on your site. I've looked at quite a few bike sites and yours is certainly unique in a useful way. I installed the new parts today. I took it out for a spin around town and it felt like a different bike. It was much more enjoyable to ride with this set up than with the usual straight bars. It was a very nice afternoon here and the different set up made it a very pleasant ride.

Sedona, AZ


I've started riding without being clipped in and it's great. I'm not having the IT band stiffness around my knee, and I love being able to move around on the pedal.



You have a great business, with great products, and you and your crew were instrumental in getting this fifty-five-year-old back on a bike, learning about bikes, and generally exercising mind and body more. Those are good things -- thanks so much. I'm stretching a little bit to order another bike from Rivendell, a dark red Quickbeam. It's my contribution to the cause and, of course, a really nice gift to myself.

Wilmington, DE


Thanks for all your help with my Rambouillet. I love the new color and I'm glad to have the bike back and in action. I spent yesterday putting it back together and today went for a two-hour ride. It's great.



I think your email updates are super and I appreciate your straight talk. It's quite refreshing compared to the crap I see out there. You have a great product, business model and staff; it's a recipe for success. Good luck weathering the economic storm.

By the way, I love my bike. This winter has been brutally cold here but I'm still riding in three to four days a week.

Providence, RI


It was such a pleasure reading your article about clipless pedals. I've been riding to work here in Boulder County for a couple of years, and thought I should raise the bar a bit and get clip-on shoes and pedals. It's so competitive here in Boulder, everyone with their fancy outfits and bikes, I wanted to fit in. I'd been so frustrated ever since. With all the stoplights and crowed bike paths, I was not enjoying my ride to work, and was taking the bus more as I feared that I will not be able to stop on dime. I just felt so locked in. Now I've replaced my pedals, and even though I probably won't be wearing sandals, I am much happier. And right now I don't give a hoot that I don't have the latest gear. I'm much more relaxed and happy. It was so refreshing to read your thoughts and to adopt a different attitude.

I hope to be getting a different bike soon, and the Betty Foy is so cute -- it's something to look forward to.

Boulder, CO


Thanks for your patience and good service. It feels good to be able to do business with people who obviously place high value on what they do, especially these days. Thank you again.



My wife and I made the trek from Sacramento yesterday to visit Rivendell and put our names on the list for new Quickbeams, which we're already drooling over. The fellow who helped us, Harry, is the nicest person I've ever encountered selling bicycles. He was a warm and thoughtful introduction to the Rivendell family, and even got my wife -- who's quickly catching the bicycle fever of her more fanatical husband (who promises to learn to knit in return) -- happy and confident that this will be the bike she'll want to ride for many, many years.

R. & E.


Just a passing howdy. I dig your attitude -- it sure isn't the prevailing one around here, where carbon fiber forks and cadence jockeys abound. Touring bikes and the touring attitude is a concept lost on most people. I'm so glad to have found your site, and just knowing you're out there.

New York, NY


Thanks for all your help with my Rambouillet repaint. It's just the color I was hoping for, and the cream headtube and accents look incredible, too. Please thank D&D for urging me to get the headtube and accents done. The decals look great, too. And I can't wait to give the fender braze-ons a try. Thanks, again. It was a pleasure working with you.

St. Louis, MO


I just rode the Solvang Century on my bike, and it was wonderful. The terrain down there makes for great bike riding. I'm still amazed by how nicely the bike rides. It does everything well. I have only raves and no criticisms for it. The Solvang roads were secondary, rough and patched, and the Jack Browns were just the ticket for that.

The bike garnered many compliments. Some of the folks knew about Rivendell, but in other cases people had a hard time believing the bike is contemporary. I've got a few chips in the paint so no longer am compelled to clean the bike after every ride. Thanks for the niftiest bike I'll ever have.

Santa Clara, CA


Thanks for the recommending Albatross bars. You're right -- I love them. Today I did my first longish ride (forty-one miles) with them. I had no back pain at all during the ride. One of the reasons I will continue to be a Rivendell customer is the advice that makes my cycling more enjoyable.



I really admire your company and look forward to each and every Rivendell Reader. It has had some of the most interesting articles on bikes, riding, small business philosophy, and life in general. Thank you so much for your efforts and attitude. I am saving my pennies for the eventual purchase of an Atlantis. My wife and I are planning an expedition to Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador. There's nothing like touring in primaeval territory -- we rode a tandem around the of Lake Superior, and it was one of the all-time greatest experiences of my life. Keep up the wonderful work and rest assured that in Kalamazoo resides someone who fully appreciates what you and your employees do on a daily basis.

Kalamazoo, MI


I just wanted you to know that I appreciate Rivendell for the products it carries and the excellent customer service I have always received. However, I think what the company has done for the tsunami victims, Somali Mam organization, S.O.I.L. and the other charities discussed in the Readers makes it a special organization.

Thanks for helping those less fortunate, and for attracting attention to these worthy causes.

Demarest, NJ


Just wanted to say that I love the new "staff bikes" section of the website. It is great to see the Riv crew's steeds all set up for daily use. I also love the fact that they're all different and unique and look like they really see some miles. I am a long time Rivendell fan and recently became a Rivendell owner (one of the Rambouillet demo bikes you recently offered up for sale). Seeing the staff bikes gives me some interesting ideas for my bike. Also, I have to say, having been a long time cyclist, former bike messenger, and avid cycle commuter, that the Rambouillet is the best designed bike I have ever ridden. I can't believe how well it rides. I was mildly doubtful that the frame design (more relaxed angles built around 26" wheels) would make any noticeable difference. Well, it does. The Rambouillet is more pleasurable to ride than all my other bikes. It tracks great, absorbs the road shock, climbs like a mountain goat, and descends with stable confidence. I find the 26" wheels just as fast and responsive as any of my 700c equipped bikes. I am very satisfied and glad I finally took the plunge and splurged on a Rivendell.

Austin, TX


There are a lot of reasons why I ordered a Rivendell, most of which you could imagine, and should be proud of. But the reason I finally decided to pull a bunch of money out of thin air and get this frame was knowing your company was maybe facing economic difficulty, and that you still make it a point to raise money for truly great causes.

St. Louis, MO


I've been on bikes for fifty-two years -- like every other aging Boomer I got back into serious fitness riding when I started having running injuries. Your site and products have helped me re-experience the joy of logging thousands of miles on my old steel bikes. As soon as we get rich, we'll order a fleet of Rambouillets and Quickbeams.

Baja Cackalackly, SC


Just wanted to say I am having a fantastic time on my new Quickbeam. Been riding for a little more than a week now and had the chance to ride it in the rain, shine, paved and dirt. All of it was joy. I still owe you some pictures and should get those out to you today or tomorrow. Just wanted to say thanks before more time goes by.



Your summer gloves are without equal. And your Jack Brown green label tires lasted 3850 miles with only two flats before they wore right through the casing (causing flat number 3).

Bexley, OH


I recently purchased your Musa shorts, and they're the only shorts I've worn since. I fully intend to supplement them with Musa pants when the weather gets colder here in northern Vermont. After having and loving the Musa shorts for a few weeks I pulled the trigger on the Sackville TourSacks. They are totally kickass. I love the craftsmanship, I love the materials and I love that they're made right here in the good old USA. Keep putting out excellent products and I'll keep buying as much of it as I can afford. The bike design tutorial you're doing right now in the Peeping through the Knothole section of the website is really invaluable.

Essex Junction, VT


Holy cow! Musco Real Shaving Cream is the bee's knees, the cat's meow, the scat that don't stank. You have elevated your Miscellany Sorts & Sundries collection to mythic status. My ten-year old daughter begs me to brush
some of the warm lather on her cheeks every time I use mine. Ephemeral.



I did a 600 km ride on the Rivendell in June. It worked out to be a 400 km ride, a 4.5 hour break off the bike for food and rest, and then back on for the last 20 km. Somehow the route is literally uphill for 30 miles. Wow. Completed it in 35 hours. That's the beauty of a ride that starts and ends in the afternoon.

The Rivendell did awesome. Though not designed to carry a heavy handlebar bag, it was comfortable and was easy to keep on the road as the sun went down and exhaustion set in. It rides great. I nearly got a smaller size (what was I thinking?) but Grant kept me in line. It fits great. I had the couplings put on it and figured out the best way to set it up for ease of taking it apart and putting it back together. My plan worked well.

A., A Happy Rivendell Customer
Seattle, WA


You are a fantastic company. I recently reported that a nearly one-year-old pair of DeVold wool underwear had a hole worn in the back side. You replaced them for me without question. To be honest, I was a little taken aback because I'm not used to such pro-customer behavior, particularly from a bike store. I just wanted to let you know that you guys are great, a rarity... I've been a fan for some time now, as evidenced by my leather saddle, high Albatross bars, complete lack of spandex, and abundance of wool. Oh, and pedals without clips or snaps or traps or clipless thingies. Bike riding has become so much more enjoyable since I discovered you.

Again, thanks. You have a customer for life.

Falls Church, VA


In the past I have had major problems with my feet: numbness and major pain after riding approximately thirty miles. After I got rid of the cleated shoes, I generally could ride up to sixty miles before having to stop and massage the feet. I read your brochure two weeks before the Seattle to Portland Group Health ride and got rid of the toe clips. The ride to Portland was pain free. I am truly indebted to you for the message to pedal free.

Issaquah, WA


Got my Hillborne today, and man, she looks even better in person! Great packing job -- I wish I had that much patience and skill. UPS arrived early, so I had the afternoon to ride my new bike. What a great day.

The employees of RBW ROCK!

One Happy Customer, P.D.


Thank you for helping with the new bike. It fits perfectly and worked great right out of the box. It is stunningly beautiful. I knew it would be nice, but photos just don't capture the paint, lugs, and so on. People have stopped me at intersections to compliment it! The drivetrain is silent, shifting quiet and smooth ($13 shifters, go figure....), brakes crisp. The Twin Hollow rims look coolgreat recommendation. Fast comfy ride. All around extremely pleased.



Six weeks ago I was still in the depths of my post-bicycle-theft depression and was inquiring about the possibility of a new frame. Keven immediately helped me reach to the best decision I've made in some time, ordering an Atlantis frame set. He found a lonely, unpainted 61 cm frame in stock and asked what color I would prefer. Being an old guy, former racer type, I suggested Molteni Orange. Keven politely recommended the recently unveiled Hillborne Orange as a close substitute. "It looks really good," he said. I agreed, and we were off to the painter.

After placing the order for the frame set, I thought I knew exactly what components would make up the rest of the bike build. I was wrong. After casting about a bit I eventually landed on something similar to the builds that your esteemed organization seems to produce. I placed a second order for many of the components that I didn't already own or couldn't easily find locally.

Both the frame and the box of goodies recently arrived to my great anticipation. Keven was exactly right: It looks really good. The frame greatly exceeded my expectations in both construction and appearance. I had never seen a Rivendell bike in the flesh, and I am delighted to find that the workmanship is outstanding. The paint is simply stunning, perhaps earning Keven a nomination for the Understatement of the Year award.

I'm currently in the midst of the assembly process as I have not quite finished gathering all of the bits necessary to getting back on the road yet. As soon as I've got something resembling a real, operating, bicycle, I'll take a few snapshots and send them your way.

Thanks again to Keven and the rest of the crew that participated in getting me back on the road. You seem to be an exceptional organization.

Indianapolis, IN


Last week I ordered a Brand V bar tube bag -- I got it (thank you) and it is more than I ever could have hoped for. I have been waiting for a line of bags like this for ages. I have always admired and recommended your bags, but being vegan I was limited to the burrito wrap. I'm not saying anything here about leather -- I also prefer natural over synthetic -- but you folks really hit one out of the park with this here bag.

Please pass on the word of great job done to all the gang there.

Putney, VT


I splurged and bought a second Roly-Poly tire from your shop a couple weeks ago. The first one had sat in my basement waiting for the day when I needed to replace one of the Continentals on my touring/commuting bike. I am a bottom-feeder when it comes to tires, always buying my tires on sale, usually closeouts, and $50 tires are usually too rich for my taste. (Heck, I'm not sure I spent $50 on my most recent car tire.)

In any case, I'm in my second week of riding with these things on my bike, and I think they're like heroin. They are the best ride I've had in years, and barring some catastrophe, I'll be back for more when these go. Thanks for bringing them to market!

Herndon, VA


My copper 62 cm Legolas just arrived, and it is gorgeous! The lugs and decals are so fanciful. It was packed beautifully as usual, along with several extra items. (It took me a while to find the book efficiently and safely taped to the side of the box.) Please pass on my compliments to the packers.

This is my fourth Rivendell frame since 1995. Thanks for the many miles and hours of pleasurable riding. You breathed new, funner life into my cycling back in the 90s when I was done formally competing but still wanted to ride. I have followed your lead to larger frames and tires and clearances, smaller rings, higher handlebars, B17s, saddlebags, fenders, and a more laid back attitude.

I and many others appreciate it. Keep it up!

Grand Junction, CO


I just finished the San Francisco Randonneur 200k brevet on the Quickbeam. Fixed, 70 gear inches all the way. Of course, I walked some, too. The Quickbeam was wonderful, no aches or pains, no mechanical issues. It was fantastic bike to spend almost eleven hours on.



My name is Joe, and I am a convert. For years I'd been enswirled in the clicked-in, kitted-up Spandex world of mainstream American bicycling. Whatever carbon bits could make my bike a few grams lighter were up for consideration. The fact that I myself am thirty pounds overweight was not. Whatever the magazines said was gospel. I've never been in a bike race, I don't want to be in a bike race, and I don't care how fast or how slow I go. But speed mattered because I was told that it was supposed to.

I first learned of RBW from a short feature on the Atlantis in Bicycling magazine. I later found your website, ordered some stuff and got a print catalog. That's when the transformation began. The fog lifted, and I was loosed from my cage. Since then, I've read every word in that catalog and nearly every word on the website at least four times. I've also become a 99-year member and ordered a couple thousand dollars worth of stuff, but as of yet, no Rivendell bicycle. That will change. A couple weeks ago, I did my first significant ride on platform pedals and in normal clothes since 1995. It was something of an epiphany. While other riders were clacking about on their cleats and, in their de rigeur bike kit, bearing more than a passing resemblance to the sausages being served at the nearby Wurstfest, I was comfortable in every way. I never want to go back to mindlessly aping racers, with whom I have exactly nothing in common.

Back to the bikes: I know I want a Quickbeam and a Bombadil. Then things get fuzzy. I also want an Atlantis/A. Homer Hilsen/Sam Hillborne. I don't know which one I'll end up with, but I look forward to the decision process. I also look forward to visiting RBW HQ. I'm not nearby, so it will take some planning, but I'll get there. I may be reluctant to leave. In a perfect and fair world, the Rivendell Reader would be on every newsstand and in every bike shop, and every bicyclist everywhere would read it.

Keep doing what you do. Bicycling and the world need it.

Friendswood, TX


I'm at work today, after having ridden in with the remnant headwinds and rain of Hurricane Ida blowing and falling. My commute is eleven miles, normally about forty minutes. Today, because of the weather and flooding, it was fifty-ish.

I wore my new MUSA rain pants and couldn't be happier with them. They are fantastic! I was ever so slightly damp from sweating -- no way they were going to fully breathe in such wet weather -- but for the most part dry, warm, comfy. Previous rides in less rain and wind with my other rain pants left me a soggy, unhappy, overheated mess. I hope the weather holds so I can enjoy the tail wind home!



Thanks so much for the beautiful frame and wheel set. The Roadeo hit my doorstep this morning, and it is the most beautiful frame I have ever owned. The delivery, packing and service were top notch.



I like the products you carry and the way you do business, and I try to get anything I can through RBW. I can't think of one thing I've gotten from you that I haven't liked -- it's all good stuff. I figure if you guys carry it, it must be good.

Santa Maria, CA


You are a bunch of stand-up men and women running a stand-up business, and my hat is off to you. Your dedication and support of worthy charities is wonderful. I will always support your shop. Get a few thousand like me in your corner, and Rivendell will be around for a long time.



Thanks for all your ideas on how to ride like normal people. I have the only around with fenders and flat pedals. I had problems finding the right saddle until reading about Brooks. After breaking it in, this is probably the best move I've made. I now ride in Teva sandals and love it. The final part of the puzzle was answered this past weekend -- I bought the best riding jersey known to man (or woman), a seersucker shirt. Thanks again for the lifestyle change.

Greenville, SC


My wife's Betty Foy has become my DAUGHTER's favorite bike--even though she has a very nice cannondale and the Betty is too big for here..maybe time for another?



First, an admission: I have been a member of the "RBW Owners Bunch"
for the past few years, but haven't actually owned a Rivendell. Until
now. This is my long-ish account of my first Riv experience.

I recently finished grad school, and wanted to reward myself for two
years of missing out on some fun because I was either working or
studying. A Riv seemed entirely appropriate as a reward! ahaha. My
wife actually agreed.

I have a Salsa Casseroll that I have Riv'd out (brooks, nitto noodles,
silver bar ends, converted to 8 speed, nitto racks and baskets) but
have never had the real thing.

I also happened to be traveling to SF last week, and realized
(sometimes I can be a bit slow) that Riv is right outside of SF. So I
decided to make the trek. I am so glad that I did.

I worked with Keven on picking out a frame. I ended up going with a
Sam Hillborne. I love the versatility, and think that it will be
sturdy enough for MY big frame.

Some things I learned:

A good place to start, when talking bikes, is with an espresso.

When you measure PBH, you have to go for it, and you have to have
someone help you. When I measured at home, by myself, I got 91. At
Riv, 94. That's a huge difference, and, as a result, moved me up to
the 64 cm Sam. I am so glad that I went to find that out.

The guys at Riv are awesome. Seriously, can't be understated. They
were all really nice to me, and to my wife who came along for the
journey to test ride a Betty Foy so we could size her for getting a
bike down the road. (She rides a 58!)

She even talked to Grant! She was outside killing time while I was
talking with Keven, and they started talking about his bumper sticker,
which is about insulin and sugar and carbs. I was totally jealous of
her, but didn't let on.

While we were talking about the build, Keven actually talked me out of
a few upgrades I thought I wanted to make to the stock stuff. Not
often that's going to happen at a shop. I appreciated it.

The building and packing that they do for their brand new bikes are
top notch, and, for me, worth every penny. Having a bike that I can
pull out of the box, wrench a few times, and be riding in about an
hour is worth it to me. I am not a bike mechanic, I am learning as I
go, but I appreciate the simplicity here.

Small gestures can really be nice. Kasey, Keven, and I were talking
about the Why We Get Fat book that Riv sells. Kasey was saying it
sounded really interesting, and was asking Keven about it. When we
were leaving, Keven gave her a copy of the book. It was great. She
was happy and had something to read on the BART, and I was happy
because I think it's awesome when people go out of their way to do
something nice.

Riv is in a crazy place. It's like up on a hill next to auto parts
repair shops. It's almost unmarked. It is one of the coolest places
ever though, as you guys can probably imagine.

So my overall thought: If you ever get to go to Riv, go. If you are
in SF, go. It's about 35 minutes on the BART, and totally worth it.

My bike:
64 cm Sam from Waterford with a custom navy pearl paint job.

Now I have to play the waiting game! I was going to be waiting for
the Waterford frame anyways, and didn't want the Taiwan frame (just
personal preference, I know they are probably the same quality) so I
went with the custom navy paint job with cream head tube to make my
bike just a bit different. I think it will look sharp. I am looking
at 8 weeks, and I am already certain I won't be able to wait!



Hey! Mail, man!

Great company. Great stuff.

Thanks for the (continuing!) support in my (continuing!) indulgence in cycling and life. Steel (frame), leather (saddle), canvas (luggage), wool (clothing)... what's not to like? Doesn't hurt that it looks beautiful too. It enriches my every day.


Yours, T


Hi Grant,

just wanted to let you know how professional Jay, Rich, Mark and Elizabeth have been helping me with my SimpleOne

Elizabeth did a fantastic job packing. everything arrived in perfect condition

Jay took my order for parts. everything is exactly what we talked about (sorry he's leaving!!!)

Mark and Rich are the best. Mark's note about the brake pad alignment vs gear combinations is much appreciated

i love the green with cream highlights. i don't know anything about paint jobs but i know you've made sure it's as good as everything else

thanks for designing a beautiful bike and making it happen

lastly i got the simpleOne with mustache bars (Nitto makes the coolest stuff). what position angle do you recommend i put them at. you may have written about that in bikes101 but i'm anxious to get started. i've always had drop bars on my past and present bikes. i point the bar end plugs of my drop bars at the rear brake calipers.

thanks, k


Good morning, Grant. I was taking stock and wanted to drop a line. I hate Yelp so I thought I'd send a message to you.

I rode from outside Portland up to Astoria and south to home in Berkeley last year. It was awesome. The weather sucked, however. I even had snow. But it rained and rained.

I could complain a lot and bore you with details. Rather I will tell you about my favorite gear. It all happens to be from your shop.

First, my rat hat, which I call the Health Hat, was as important as anything. I got the floor model last spring. Genuine Australian kangaroo rat or possum or something weird. I cannot thank you enough. I think it kept me alive, or at least willing to consider not taking my own life.

Second, that sleeveless wool shirt worked better than any thermal layer I have ever worn. In the miserable cold rain I felt at least reasonably comfortable. My shell leaked. My fancy Merino jersey was too thin. That undergarment was a boon.

Third, the simple alcohol stove you sell was/is indispensable. I used it 2X a day and it was the perfect tool for the job. It worked in windy rain and, as a bonus, actually made me happy for its near perfection.

I have a bunch of gear-related observations. But what really stands out for me are those 3 things. And they all happen to be items I got from Rivendell.

I use them all the time -- not just for cycling. And I don't know how I got by before.

Thank you. CS

#And about one of our dealers:

Hi Grant,

I just wanted to let you know that Steve Cheers and crew at Mountain Sports Ltd in Bristol, VA was a joy to work with in helping me with the build for my Sam Hillborne. It had taken me eleven months to finish the bike, and I still have quite a few items to go ( racks, bags etc ).

Steve Cheers was and always is pleasant to work with. I received personal and professional service from him, and he was never too busy for me to answer my questions. He clearly loves the products he sells, and his enthusiasm is contagious.

I first discovered Rivendell bikes many years ago when I was buying my young daughter a Cannondale Six 13 at his dealership. I was new to the area and had not established any relationships with any dealers. A friend of mine had recommended me to his shop after he had bought his son a bike there.

Steve noticed me looking at the Rivendells on display and I remember him distinctly saying, " After I (Steve) rode Rivs, I couldn't not sell them, that is how great they are". He graciously let me ride an Atlantis, and from that day foward, I had to have a Rivendell. Now being several years later, I took my first ride on my very own. And Steve was so excited for me today, and I know he was really proud of the build. He was just as happy and excited for me as I was!

I am so fortunate to have Mountain Sports Ltd as my Rivendell dealer. The knowledge, wisdom and enthusiasm that Steve has always displayed would make Rivendell very proud to have them as a dealer.

Thank you for believing in Mountain Sports Ltd. I believe the Rivendell brand is in very good hands with my Rivendell dealer.


The Owner Rivendell Bicycle Works,

Somehow I have stumbled across your website. I am currently studying psychology at university but thinking about starting a bicycle shop. Your "about us" video made my day. I am very impressed at how well you know your staff and how much time you spent talking about them compared to yourself. If I do start a business I hope that I have the same mentality and outlook that you do: wanting to get the most happy people on bikes not to get the most profit.

Thank you for making my day and please keep going. If I lived in America you would well and truly have 'won' another customer.

Sam Harley

Sydney, Australia

Just a short note to comment on the great service and experience I have had in dealing with Rivendell Bike shop and its fine group of Employees. From my original contact in the driveway with Jared followed by a greeting from Kevin with a followup of help on sizing and selection with Jared my bike selection was a joy. Then a short tutorial and advise from Mark on my day of bike pick up. Then ownership. A smooth pleasant ride which made the purchase well worth the adventure. Brought the bike in for some minor adjustments and alterations after 4-5 hundred miles when Jared, Vince, and Mark were most helpful. Thank you for a great experience and some added advise on the culinary delights of Walnut Creek. My Sam and I will be hitting the light tour adventure soon.

Fair Oaks, CA


This is "R____ in Santa Cruz", the guy who (used to?) rides Alex Moulton bikes. I just wanted to give some feedback on my recent experience of acquiring a Cheviot, and the bike itself.

While Will started the order process, Rich made the wheels, Mark did the final build and you designed the bike; practically everyone that was at Rivendell when I visited the three times it took for me to end up with a Cheviot in my garage was immensely helpful, good-natured, friendly. And when "the experience" reached its close, I discovered that Mark pulls a MEAN espresso, one which allowed my return to Santa Cruz in record speed.

I'm not just talking about the people I had direct "business contact" with, but dang near everyone who is on your staff: their kindness, professionalism, and patience with an old guy who is finicky, picky and other assorted things which can sometimes try men's souls ... well, let's just say that you are very fortunate to have ....


Since I am too lazy to email each and every one of them my gratitude, I'm hoping you'll spread this letter around to all of them.


Now, a few notes in particular to the designer of my Cheviot.

Since I'm a Moulton guy, I've been totally spoiled by the safety and other benefits of a "step through" frame. These benefits are many, but the Moulton's suspension means that the rider can't easily stand up and sprint like a non-suspended bike allows. It's like a pogo stick when you try that! Comfy when seated, but not as "spritely" due to energy absorption by the suspensions on both wheels.

Problem Solved with my Cheviot! And more ...

I used to be a six-footer, but "age" has either made my Riv and Atlantis frames get bigger, or Gods forbid, I GOT SMALLER (at least the standover bits, let's not talk about other bits that did get bigger). So I chose the 55cm frame, even though my pelvic height is at the upper limits for that size. Now, why was it possible for a "still tall" guy to do that?

Those Tallux stems, that seatpost with more kick-back, those Alba bars, and that FRAME you designed. The whole thing fits an 5'11" wonderfully, and will still fit perfectly if I "shrink" a few more inches (if I can still stand up at that point, sigh...)

Another benefit of 650b wheels on this frame is something only a Moulton rider might notice: I can ride on my Thin Gripsters on my HEELS, and not have to worry about nipping the front mudguard with my toe, which is much safer for us oldsters. I've seen crashes where that occurred, where the front wheel was too damned close to the pedals.

The Wide Double crankset is way better than I expected: its range of gears is so good, one almost doesn't even need the granny.

The "fit" of the mudguards inside the fork and rear parts is amazing, and instills "pride in ownership" due to all the amazing aesthetic stuff going on. After only one ride around town, I got many "beautiful bike" comments. I don't seek such comments, but thought you'd like to know that they occurred. And none of that "that's a girl bike" crap, either. That latter is important, because a lotta guys don't want to be seen on a bike that, while SUPERIOR FOR ITS DESIGNED PURPOSE, reminds others of cherished and ignorant misperceptions. I've dealt with that while on my Moultons for years, so I'm immune, but other males, especially older males who will appreciate the step-through mounting, should know that this bike is nothing less than a very cool thing, that WORKS in terms of all a person could want from a bike, and more.

I could go into even more detail, but won't because as the designer, you KNOW what you designed into it. Not everyone can see all the good stuff yet, but I can. That litheness of both look and feel that the longer chainstays provide, All the little details like the bigmouth brakes, the new Big Back Rack, the tall stems, the silver shifters, and more ... they look simple and obvious, but NOBODY BUT RIVENDELL figured out "the obvious". I realize that while you are "the designer", others at Riv have had much input on many of these things. I extend my appreciation to them as well.

By now, this is sounding like an embarrassing love letter. Do I care? Heck, you guys are literally CHANGING THE WORLD in terms of thoughtful effective human conveyance design, and at the same time (politely) flipping the finger at all the "bicycle industry" which confuses what bicycles are really all about with "racing" and "toys".

My congratulations on a job well done, Grant and Riv-Folk. I really do luv ya'll.

Santa Cruz