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NEW MUSA Pants - Ranger Green

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MUSA Pants. Made in the USA.

"It's like I'm not wearing pants; I'm living the dream!" — Nate Tang

You can get more detailed pants (phone pockets, zippers, zip-off bottoms to turn them into Bermuda shorts) for half the price online. You can’t get better riding pants anywhere.

Smalls have a 29" relaxed waist ( 29 to 32 waist ) - 29 3/4" inseam

Mediums have a 32" relaxed waist ( 32 to 35 waist ) - 31 3/4" inseam

Larges have a 35" relaxed waist ( 35 to 38 waist ) - 31 3/4" inseam

XLs have a 38" relaxed waist ( 38 to 42 waist ) - 31 3/4" inseam


    •    MUSA military fabric, slight stretch, Berry-compliant (google it).  Instead of the all-nylon, they’re like 96-4 nylon and spandex.  I know this veers off our tweed-and-orgo cotton vibe-theme, but these are better for riding.

    •    The belt-elastic is also Berry/Military spec.  The best in the world, or at least the country. It doesn’t have to be, but it really is. It’s not stitched in, so it’s what we here call “theoretically replaceable.” You could get your own ¾-inch elastic and buckle down the road.

    •    Mesh on the inside of the pockets for good water drainage.

    •    No buttons on the rear pockets.  I never used mine, so I made this unilateral call. I doubt there’s a person in the world who’d put a wallet back there and take the time and develop the dexterity to button it, so we have button-free pockets.

These are made locally, about 19 miles from here. From the knees up, they're cut like Dickies. We bought Dickies and copied them because Will wears and even rides in them, and I/Grant wanted him to ride in our beloved MUSA pants.

Below the knee they’re tapered more than Dickies, for chainring clearance. Dickies don’t stretch, neither did the old classic MUSA pants, but these do. The slightly slimmer leg cut required that, for riding, and the result is pantalone perfection. If you can’t ride a bike in these, if they don’t seem plush while pedaling, your sense of sensory feedback is off. They are so freeing, so light on ye olde knee-up, that you can climb any hill in one gear higher.

Cut: They seem to fit like normal pants, thank god. We relaxed the elastic in the waist because I/Grant was getting depressed at having larges feel too tight. The actual waist size is unchanged, but the elastic is looser. They’re skinnier in the leg than old MUSA pants, but still baggy enough for chunky thighs. They're on the long side, but we've made longer ones. If your legs are short you'll want to take'm to a tailor or hem them yourself. This is not Savile Row here, my friends. We do have a sewing machine on the premises, but nobody knows where it came from or whose it is. I bet we're storing it for Roman.

Summary: Really nice riding pants. Light, slight stretch, fast dry.