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MUSA Shorts - Black

MUSA Shorts - Black

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MUSA shorts. Made in the USA

We've made them since 2004, and these are the best ones yet.

They're still light, tough, quick-drying, but now they have 4% spandex for a little stretch. They're as good as ever for riding, hiking, anything that allows shorts allows these.

You can get get similar shorts just as well-made and with more trick features for less, but for riding bikes and all-around use, none beat these, and they're made in the U.S. If our profit on them was industry standard, they'd cost more than $150.

WAIST: The CUT is the same as before, but there’s less gathering of elastic, so it feels looser. Basically, they’re more vanity-waisted now.  If you have our old ones you can get the same size or one size down.

Inseam: 10"

BUTT-‘n-THIGHS: Big & baggy.

Smalls have a 29" relaxed waist ( 29 to 32 waist )

Mediums have a 32" relaxed waist ( 32 to 35 waist )

Larges have a 35" relaxed waist ( 35 to 38 waist )

XLs have a 38" relaxed waist ( 38 to 42 waist )


    •    MUSA military fabric, slight stretch, Berry-compliant (google it).  Instead of the all-nylon, they’re like 96-4 nylon and spandex.  I know this veers off our tweed-and-orgo cotton vibe-theme, but these are better for riding.

    •    The belt-elastic is also Berry/Military spec.  The best in the world, or at least the country. It doesn’t have to be, but it really is. It’s not stitched in, so it’s what we here call “theoretically replaceable.” You could get your own ¾-inch elastic and buckle down the road.

    •    Mesh on the inside of the pockets for good water drainage.

    •    No buttons on the rear pockets.  I never used mine, so I made this unilateral call. I doubt there’s a person in the world who’d put a wallet back there and take the time and develop the dexterity to button it, so we have button-free pockets.

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