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Frame - Roaduno - Presale - Now Live!

Frame - Roaduno - Presale - Now Live!

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*Note: We do not have any 47.5cm frames, but we do have them as completes here.

It's the most useful, and fun non-derailer'd bicycle (or frame) we can imagine. We named it Roaduno to emphasize that it's for roads. Smoothish paths, no problem if you have the skills for them--like the Homer in that way. The sidepull brakes should tell you it's not a mountain bike.

It's as versatile and as customizable as a single-ish speed road bike can be:

  • Fits tires to 46mm (43mm with a fender). Any tire bigger than 40mm requires some deflation to install and remove, but that was no reason to not design in clearance for bigger tires.
  • Braze-ons for racks (and fenders), and of course has a kickstand plate.
  • Rear facing dropouts, for normal 1x1 single speed set-ups, but with an integrated derailer hanger, so you can use chain tensioner and a front derailer to set it up as a 2x or even 3x1. Or use a chain tensioner and leave the front derailer off and just shift by hand when you get to the hill. 
  • There's a downtube shifter braze-on on the non-driveside downtube, for easy front derailer set ups. If you plan to set it up as a 1x1 singler, we recommend covering the boss with a Blue Lug Boss cover. Grease it, otherwise it'll be hard to get off after a couple years.

Sizes: 47.5, 51 (650B), and 54.5, 58, 61.5, 64 (<--all 700C).  See geometry table here.

Frame & fork: Our standard super-quality, butted CrMo tubing of our own design. Our own lugs, fork crown, dropouts. Same painter as always, same lug-fill cream details, nice metal head badge, excellent graphics, etc.  The fork crown is the same one we use on the Appaloosa.

Fits tires: 42mm with fender, 46mm without.

Brakes: Long Reach Calipers. Use Tektro R559's, Paul Racer Long Reach, or Yokozuna LR75's

Rear hub spacing: 120mm. You need a track hub or a pre-1975 road hub.

Bottom Bracket: BSA, 68mm shell.

Seatpost size: 26.8, and there's one included

What's included in the frame price? An FSA Duron headset, a Kalloy seatpost, and a 110mm Shimano BB. 

Any frame prep required? Yes, if you plan to use a tensioner the hanger needs to be aligned. Any bike shop can do it quickly, or, if you have the tool, it takes about five minutes. 

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