Do bar tape this way?

It’s surprising that this doesn’t come up more often, or doesn’t happen more often. Wrapping the left side of the bar differently, with a different color or even kind of tape (cork versus cloth) than the right. Why not? When you like both colors or both kinds, there’s no need to not go both ways. When you buy tape two-to-the-package, it means spending twice as much. It’s still not like buying two cars or two houses, it’s just bar tape. Plus, if you’re inclined that way anyway, maybe you’ll use one of the leftover for another mismatched wrap sometime down the road.
There’s no functional reason not to do it, and it looks good. It’s different, but if you’re not scared by that, it looks better than all-the-same-color. Blue and green. Grey and blue. Yellow and green. You can wrap different sections different colors, and twine over the intersection to keep down the flaps. Add black to yellow and green, and everybody’ll think you’re a patriotic Jamaican. Remember, black touches yellow, but not green.
Get creative with bar tape, and personalize your bike. It’s only tape. You can change it quickly and cheaply if you don’t like it, but what’s not to like?