Philly Bike phone photo dump

Philly Bike phone photo dump

We flew in on an A321 NEO Eddie Bauer Edition Airbus. 

This is Roman's dad's art, right outside the convention center. It was the first thing we saw as we exited the train station on our way from the airport.

A bona fide Campagnolo stunner outside our hotel.

Bodega cat

Breakfast at Middle Child diner is a PBE tradition for us. Our breakfast coincided with a 35 minute Allman Brothers song, heavy with solos, that got us pumped for the seven hours of talking we were about to do.

Experiments in film. I developed the roll last night: definitely unsuccessful, this one.

I love empty lots, trash, brambly East Coast trees, and holes in fences.

photo notes for future Riv wall plans

Ello, who volunteered at the show, has a Hunqapillar. 

Our diet for the weekend

Pam's repaired B68 short. Apparently in need of more repairs, though, because the back of the frame supporting the leather was cracked.

The extra leather is to reinforce the cracked leather on top.

This is the only photo we got of Leah's Platypus, unfortunately. More and better photos are out there on the net somewhere though. 

They tolerated him for the weekend.

Everyone loves Rich

John Allen

Brent from BikeCad has a special Riv template

Eric Marth's mermaid Appa

Hat connoisseur Tim and his 62cm Sam

Paul's big Atlantis

Stephen's huge Rosco. One of eleven, I think.

Huge Pogliaghi track bike with SpeedBlends and a Shopsack. The owner said he bought three sets when he heard they were discontinued.

Our friend Sal had a bike at the Industry 9 booth. They had four builders in their booth displaying bikes, and half of them, Sal included, requested rim brake wheels. Industry nine no longer makes rim brake stuff, so they had to dig some older parts out for them. Rim brakes are far from dead at PBE, at least. 

Fun canti cable routing on Sal's bike

New Sinewave rear lights

Bamboo fly rod maker Tom Whittle is a Riv fan.

Dick Power track bike. No laughing!

Johnny Coast had thinned and polished Silver1 shifters on a couple bikes.

Ray's Carradice

Paul nutcracker

Dave got the Susie! Thanks Dave.

Dinner with C&L and friends. 

Another fun Philly Bike. Thanks to everyone who came and saw us. 

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