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Bicycle Sentences Book

Bicycle Sentences Book

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It’s about 177 sentences about bicycles and riding, stuff you may know or might not know, may believe or might not. It's not a Rule Book, not a Holy Book. I believe them all, they’re all true for me/Grant, and some may be true for you or worth experimenting with, and who knows what else?

My old publisher didn't want this, so I found a printer and self-published.

It’s a really well-made book. It has nice end papers, excellent paper, tightly stitched signatures so the pages won’t fall out when the book gets old and is on its second or even third generation of readers. It’s a 7 1/4-inch square, rock-solid hardback.

I wrote it, Betsy Streeter illustrated it. We got 2,500 in, and $10 from every book (all my royalty + Riv profit) goes to Isabel G., a single mom of three in the Bronx who can use the loot. Riv already sends Isabel a little here and there, has for a couple of years now, but here’s a chance for us to really blow her away. She doesn't know it's happening. We correspond in Spanish, translations by our own Sergio.

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