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Sackville EZPZ

Sackville EZPZ

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Sackville EZPZ Handlebar Sack

We wanted an EZ-on, EZ-off handlebar sack that held more than a Banana Sack (an excellent handlebar sack, by the way). Not a French derivative, not a ‘70s American derivative, just something easy, peasy, simple, and not ugly. We had maybe five prototypes, each one closer to the final, and the final is this, and good.

• On most handlebars, no rack required. On drop bars, a rack is desirable (still not required), and NITTO’s working on that, with Mark’s input. Give it six months? But other bar styles, just strap it on.

• Two ways to close it, they both work well. One takes 0.5 seconds, the other, 3 seconds.

• Holds up to TWO Kangaroo pockets, for keys, wallet, whatever. One outside the flap, for one-the-ride access; one inside, to fool thieves.

• It isn’t necessary to strap the bottom of the EZPZ to the stem, but you can do that, and Roman devised a simple cord-n-cordlock method, included. If you lose Roman’s thing, there are plenty of attachment points stitched into the bag, so you can use a shoelace, Velcro, or any other kind of strap that’s an inch or smaller wide.

Anything you put on the handlebar, any kind of sack, may touch the cables. Cables are floppy, easily pushed out of the way. If you've got cantilevers, the exposed cable will abrade the backside of the bag. If you're not open to switching to v-brakes, use a fork crown mounted stop instead of the usual headset hanger. Or you can buy the EZ-PZ Nitto rack whenever it gets in. 

The EZPZ is another Sackville sack, made in Connecticut out of the best materials we can muster up. It is essentially extremely water resistant.  It comes with some Newbaum’s tape. It is not necessary, but we recommend you put a strip of that over the top edge of the plastic stiffener.  One strip should be good for 35 years at least.

Colors as available! 



Dimensions for the EZPZ:

12" width (30cm)

8" diameter (20cm)

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