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Crank - Silver - Arms only

Crank - Silver - Arms only

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Build your own do-it-all Silver crank. These are the same as the cranks we sell on the site, but without rings. It's a good choice if you have other chainrings in mind, or if you want to use a narrow-wide ring for a 1x setup.  These don't include chainring bolts, although we sell them separately, but they do include crank bolts.  

110bcd outer, 74 bcd inner. Both five bolt. Best paired with a 110mm spindle for road front derailers, or a 113 for mountain. The beauty of the square taper is you can adjust it to fit whatever set up you have in mind.

The holes for the 74bcd chainrings are flush to the spindle on this crank. This design allows the crank to be used as a neat 110bcd double. If you are using a small 74bcd chainring, you will need 5mm spacers and longer chainring bolts to match. If you are transferring rings from a Sugino XD2 or similar, we have the correct bolts here



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