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The Enlightened Cyclist
by BSNYC (Eben Weiss)

This is my new favorite book for so many reasons:
I couldn’t put it down (as they say)
I laughed aloud hard many times during its reading, especially on pages 152 through 160. But other places, too.
It changed how I look at some things, and I’m better off now.
It is really well-written. Extremely so. Don’t be fooled by the semblance of laid-back and goofy and irreverent and all that. He has word control up the wazoo.

It’s about commuting by bike, which he defines early on as — well, as I remember it, he says it’s a trip where the destination matters more than the journey, usually in town, and it doesn’t have to be to work or school. It could be to the store, or a restaurant. It’s riding in traffic, and BSNYCEW talks about it in a way that only somebody with tons of experience can, and it’s a way that you can relate to, even if you’ve only commuted once. Things that used to bug you won’t bug you as much, because you’ll accept them as universal inevitables, so what are you gonna do?
The Enlightened Cyclist will make you feel more significant on any commute. I will make you kind of, just almost barely, appreciate things you used to hate.

When I heard BSNYC was going to write a book on commuting, I thought: How can he stand to do that? I also knew he’d be the one who could pull it off without dragging out the old standby boring advice and finger-wagging platitudes all experienced bike riders know already and find insulting to read again.

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