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I/Grant first wore and sold this sweater 18 years ago, and still have it, although I don't know where, so I'm getting another. I really, really like it. It's tough-person scratchy, but you don't wear it next to bare skin. It has a style right out of the Nova Scotian '30s—a look unlike any other sweater, yet not weird.

Nova Scotian fishermen and puffin-watchers live in these year-'round, and there's no concession to modern style. Seriously, a nice sweater. It's cut really long for tucking in. You can cut off the excess and wash it in a machine, and it still won't fray. It's the magical Nova Scotian knit! Outer wear, mid-layer...just not next to your skin. Extremely handsome sweater, and it feels great and the vertical ribs cling nicely.


Ingredients- 80% wool, 20% nylon


Here's what the manufacturer says about sizing:

I think that's slightly nuts. I wear a large dress-shirt or T-shirt (43 chest), and I like loose clothing, so I often get XL, and when all Target has left is XS and XXK and the price is cheap and I like the plaid, I'll get the XXL and it'll fit like a mu=mu. The point is, a Med in this feels more like a Lar, and yet they go up to 5XL, which..I can't imagine.

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