Derailer - Front - Shimano Deore XT triple



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For mountain, touring, or other wide-range gearing—triple fronts, 32t or more in back—this is as good as front derailers get.

This is a mountain front derailleur so it's made for more outboard cranks. If you pair this with an ultra low q crank, you may not be able to shift into the inner chainring unless you use a longer BB spindle. On our bikes you'll need a 113mm.

Non-essential observation: Given the simple task a front derailer has to perform---pushing the chain from ring to ring, something you can do with a skilled foot or a stick in your hand-- it would seem that ANY front derailer would do just fine. Not so. When the bike is designed right and has gearing that makes sense, a shocking number of otherwise seemingly fine front derailers fail the test. This model is our current favorite, the winner. The clamp is chunky; forgive it and move on. It's the best-shifting triple-compatible front derailleur in production, and we are thrilled to offer it. It shifts as well as a Campy model that is twice the price and you will love it (this xt).


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