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On the surface these are classic button-down Hasbro-style Oxford cloth - like shirts like your dad and grand-dad wore.


But on closer inspection, the all cotton MUSA Can-Tuck-It button-downs put those shirts to shame.


Our fabric costs more and is better. It comes from Japan, and the difference is blatant. It is finely woven, has more color depth, and a feel that says multi-generational wealth. The blue makes even Ralph Lauren oxford blue appear pallid, bleached by salty winds and on its way to white. The Spring Grasshopper Green seems to shimmer from a distance. The most amazing thing is, when you look at it close up, it got its green with yellow, but no blue.


Buttons: Each shirt has 14. The cuff and collar buttons are butterscotchy tan, and the seven placket buttons are, from the bottom—tan, gray, blood, crip, tan, dark orange, and the top one is dark red. There’s one pocket per shirt, and its button appears to be dark blue.


The multicolored buttons pay homage to multiculturalism and food groups, and as far as we know, are a Can-Tuck-It world premier exclusive. If you lose a button, any 20-ligne (roughly 12mm) button will fit right in, take its place, not stand out. If you’re going someplace fancy and think the colored buttons will get you stopped at the door or fired from your job, cover them with a tie. Then on off hours after work at the pub or after that at the karaoke bar, take off the tie, reveal the buttons, and you’re king of the party.


The tails are long enough to tuck, but short enough to look boss un-tucked. We were doing that way before the passionate guy was.


Of course they’re good for cycling!




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