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  • don't listen to those people; It's pronounced "kwin-o-ah"

    Posted on January 11 2017

    You know those ancient hi-wheeler bicycles had solid rubber tires. I don't care that at the end, they got some pneumatic tires. For most of their too long reign they...

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  • carbon weekend

    Posted on January 06 2017

    After yesterday's anticarbon post I thought I was all spent on that for the year, but then I got this email story and photos: Grant, Hello.  My name is Jake...

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  • CARBON and SUGAR (some repeated messages and one repeated link)

    Posted on January 05 2017

    THe first big section is ranting on carbon, as I often do--but I swear, it's not a snivelly thing, it's just because I truly honestly think it's dangerous and can't...

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  • CLEM-L by Dominic and TUBESTUFF at the BOTTOM

    Posted on December 29 2016

    Local and google-able rider Dominic East was curious about a CLEM L, and all we had left in his 59 size was a frame. He didn't have a chance to...

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  • Maybe last chance in this universe for Half-Mitts

    Posted on December 28 2016

    Until today our inventory showed zero, but we actually have 27 pair (UPDATE>>> SOLD OUT)  , and I wear them every day of my life and kind of think everybody...

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  • end of mid Dec, long & varied one

    Posted on December 19 2016

      Here's what it's like here. Dedicated to the bike stuff, trying to make it all good and make things available to the micropercent of riders who want their bike...

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  • Pneubar Pname

    Posted on December 14 2016

    Here's a behind-the-scene top secret going-on-right-now event. Practically, we don't need any new or different handlebars, but thanks to Amazon and the increasing popularity of NITTO products, some of "our"...

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  • Diabetic-Friendly Pumpkin Pie

    Posted on December 12 2016

    This will be up for just two days. Crust  2.5c crushed or chopped nuts (any) and golden flax seeds 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon 4 TABLESPOONS butter or ghee put dry...

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  • Don’t be a naive knave—know your naves!

    Posted on December 08 2016

    The first wheels were wood and had fixed axles. The second wheels were wood with independent axles, which stayed still while the wheel turned on it. It was a wood-on-wood...

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