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  • things snipped out and taped on our doors, newHomer, bebebike

    Posted on November 12 2018

    For more detals, send an SASE to Rivendell Bicycle Works • 2040 North Main #19 • Walnut Creek, CA 94596 attn: repair kit benefits details It's kind of how we...

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  • early november mixed up assortment

    Posted on November 02 2018

    Here's an interesting story that nobody should fine offensive, but it is a little scary in a modern and futuristic way:  ----- And here's one for all who love...

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  • Ultra Variety Pack: anagramers, theft, HHH, Rosco Bebe bike, other

    Posted on October 24 2018

    The jumping photo is me in 6th grade at a track meet, 1966. In those days 6th graders had track meets...and other sportsy games, with other schools. Do they do...

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  • Updated more ranty mid-Oct variety pack

    Posted on October 18 2018

    I am in a Mongolian phase.  People can be Mongolians or Mongols. Some things can be Mongolian OR Mongol, but I think not all things. This is what I've been...

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    Posted on October 10 2018

    Dan sweats a lot and that's his hat after kind of a long day, after it dried. The local hills are steep and rolling, and here's Dan zooming down one...

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    Posted on October 02 2018

    That's Scott, our next door neighbor, with a recent sea turtle he made of car parts. He has 24 or so huge BMX trophies and still rides. He built himself...

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