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    Posted on October 10 2018

    Dan sweats a lot and that's his hat after kind of a long day, after it dried. The local hills are steep and rolling, and here's Dan zooming down one...

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    Posted on October 02 2018

    That's Scott, our next door neighbor, with a recent sea turtle he made of car parts. He has 24 or so huge BMX trophies and still rides. He built himself...

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  • the disturbingly slimmed down reno international bike show

    Posted on September 22 2018

    That's Will in his favorite helmet. He "sometimes" doesn't wear one, but he likes the look of this, and if you know Will you understand why. He is the Pro-tec...

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  • assorted and mongolian stuff at the end sept 14 9:38pm

    Posted on September 14 2018

      Listen early on, the "book" comment.  Ear-worm alert,  and your new favorite song of all time, and I want to find everything about this artist, David McWilliam. This...

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  • Sept 8, but there's some time-sensitive material here, so get right on it

    Posted on September 09 2018

      You've seen this photo? This one taken with iphone. We've had this photo in our bathroom for 18+ years. Here's the story behind it.  -------------- Friend Dan and I...

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  • Movie time

    Posted on September 02 2018

      I've put this 25-minute? bikish movie up here before, but I'm sure there are some of you who maybe meant to see it but forgot, and others who were...

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