Bicycles & Frames

We use only CrMo steel tubing for the frame and fork. because it's safe, strong, and doesn't degrade over time. All models have lugs, because lugs reinforce the joints and, in the case of our lugs—our own designs—make beautiful joints that will always identify a Rivendell as a Rivendell, because nobody else has our lugs. Every model is safe, beautiful, astoundingly comfortable, useful, and fun to ride. Please let us send you a free PAPER catalog. Call (925) 933-7304, or email with subject line "Catalog Please" and include your name and mailing address in the body. Here is the PDF of our catalog.

Every Rivendell is Customized For You
A Rivendell bicycle starts with a frame, no components. Then we work with you, usually one-on-one, as we pick each part individually, with the goal of getting you a perfect bicycle (yes, there is such a thing). You don’t need to know about bikes, because we do. We won't ask you questions you can't answer. We’ll correspond in person, by phone, or email, and it works as well across the globe as it does in person. You don’t pay a premium for this personal attention, because isn’t a profit-making indulgence to feed your ego. It’s just the best way to get the perfect bike for you.

Looking for Complete Bikes or other frames not shown? Find them here.

Check our Dealer Page to see if you live near one of our few and far between but excellent dealers. They may have the frame you're looking for in stock.
Complete Bicycle - Clem L
Frame - Atlantis
Frame - Cheviot
Frame - Roadeo
Frame - Roadini
Frame - Sam Hillborne - Last Chance
Frame - Clem H
Frame - Hubbuhubbuh Tandem
Frame - Rivendell Custom