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Rivendell Models

Above: a Rivendell Hunqapillar in the open space here in Walnut Creek, CA.

U.S.A. Framesets - $2300-2500

Made to order, deposit required, few month wait

  • Hunqapillar - The wooly mammoth of expedition touring and trail bikes
  • Atlantis - Our best selling, world travelin' loaded touring bike
  • A. Homer Hilsen - Our flagship Country Bike (ultra versatile road bike)
  • Roadeo - Rivendell's light, fast, lugged road bike
    • How to order? Measure your pbh and call 800 345 3918. Put down a deposit and allow up to 6 months for delivery. Seriously. 

Imported Framesets - $850-1300

Made & painted in bunches, seasonally in-stock, less expensive, but no less excellent

Custom Framesets - $3500+

Made just for your body and riding style, muy costoso 

  • Designed just for you. Handmade and painted by America's best. 
  • These are the ones that get "Rivendell" decals