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ThumbShifter Mount handlebar clamp for Silver shifters (each)

ThumbShifter Mount handlebar clamp for Silver shifters (each)

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These are the mounts you'll need to use our Silver1 or Silver2 shifters as thumb shifters. They're sold individually, so you can do fun stuff like have two different types of shifters on one bike, or for 1x set-ups.

With the shims installed, they fit 22.2mm bars, like Bosco, Choco, Alba and all "mountain" bars. If you take the shims out, you can mount them to the sleeve of 26.0 bars, like the noodle or the 26.0 Albastache. They will not fit the grip area of the albastache or other road drop. They do, however, fit perfectly on a 1 inch quill stem - see the photo to the left.

What makes them special, and what separates them from every other thumbshifter mount out there, is the 16 different positions possible for the cable exit point. That means, no matter where you put them on the handlebar, the cable can have a perfect route to the downtube stops.

These are compatible with the Silver 1 and Silver 2 shifters and Shimano bar-end shifters.

Note: If you want to run the shifters right in front of mountain brake levers, you might have to flip the levers (run the left on the right and vice versa), otherwise the shifter might butt up into the lever clamp bolt. We don't have every brake lever to try out here, but we know that Dia Compe SS-6s and all Paul levers have clamp bolts tucked in enough that you don't have to flip them. See the pictures to the left.


To make a left-inner thumbshifter, mount Shimano's RIGHT (indexable) shifter to the "O" Silver thumby mount. It mounts on the inside of a swept-back bar (Albatross, Choco, Bosco. Tosco, Billie), and the underside of a more perpendicular bar (like a Wavy, or a trad mtn bike bar). 

If you want right/rear indexing, mount the indexable Shimano bar-ender to a Silver "O" thumby mount, and run it outside a swept-back bar or on top of a Wavy or traddy mtn bar. 

We didn't design the mounts to be Shimano compatible, but they are. The groovy way is all-Silver friction shifting. Slick, easy, etc.

SHIFTER Mount X: Right side INSIDE shifter.

Shifter Mount O:  Left side INSIDE shifter.

If you want having them on the outside, mount the O on the right, X on the left.

If you're using these with either version shifters,to match type O to type O, and type X to type X. 


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