ThumbShifter Mount handlebar clamp for Silver shifters (each)

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These are the mounts you'll need to use our Silver shifters as thumbshifters. They're sold individually, so you can do fun stuff like have two different types of shifters on one bike, or for 1x set ups.

With the shims installed, they fit 22.2mm bars, like Bosco, Choco, Alba and all "mountain" bars. If you take the shims out, you can mount them to the sleeve of 26.0 bars, like the noodle or Albastache.

What makes them special, and what separates them from every other thumbshifter mount out there, is the 16 different positions possible for the cable exit point. That means, no matter where you put them on the handlebar, the cable can have a perfect route to the downtube stops.

Here's a photo guide on how to set them up.

These are compatible with the old style Silver shifters, Dura Ace 9 speed bar end shifters, and Ultegra 8 speed bar end shifters.


Here’s how to buy the mounts for xoxo shifters, depending on how you set them up:

SHIFTER Mount X: Outside or Top of bar LEFT, Inside the bar (the groovy Rivendell way) RIGHT.

Shifter Mount O:  Outside or Top of bar RIGHT, Inside the bar (the groovy Rivendell way) LEFT 



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