Nitto screw mount lamp holder #6 LEFT



Product Details

Nifty stainless Nitto light mount for front racks like the Mark's or the old Two-Strut. The mount comes with an eyebolt and concave washer for fitting to one of Nitto's aluminum struts.

You could always lose the eyebolt and just attach directly to a braze-on or rack tab, but for side mounting your light on a front rack, this setup is minimal, elegant, and clever, in the usual Nitto way. We're saure you can come up with several ways to use this handy mount.

Works well with the Schmidt EDelux II right-side-up and B&M Eyc lights that we sell.

Note that there are two mounts: one for LEFT mounting and one for RIGHT.

This one is for mounting your light on the LEFT side.

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