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  Nitto Mark's Rack M1 - 20108


Made in: Japan

product code: R1

Our own Mark Abele came up with this design, and Nitto executed it perfectly.
ALWAYS use this rack with a tether btw the tall tongue-loop and the handlebar. It's a strong little rack, but people do dumb things, and the tether is a safety measure. Make The Tether out of cord or any adjustable strap.

We wanted a rack that could be used on the front of a bike with sidepull brakes, because sometimes sidepull users need to carry some stuff, too. It's our smallest rack, and weighs about 12oz, and is rated to 4.4 pounds. There are lots of ways to use it as a saddlebag support in back, as a platform for a basket (zip-tie the basket on), or just strap a stuff-sack full of gear onto it. We use it all these ways, all the time.

Comes with two 14cm rods - for mounting on rear seatstay bosses; and two 26cm rods - designed to work on all Rivendell forks with the mid-fork rack mounts; may or may not reach other fork lowrider braze-ons. Includes diving board for the front.

Wanna mountit on the front and you don't got mid mount fork braze-ons? Get a pair of Nitto band clamps (huge size).

Needta putit on the rear but don't got seat stay braze-ons? Geda pair of Nitto band clamps (tiny size for skinny steel stays, medium size for aluminum stays) and a rear diving board.

If the 26cm rods are not long enough to reach your particular lowrider braze-ons and you don't want to use the Nitto band clamps, then get the 42cm Nitto rack rods and cut em to size.

Torque Specs

Note: 4.4 lbs weight limit.

Installing a Mark's Rack

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