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Rack - Rear or Front - Nitto RBW51 Rack

Rack - Rear or Front - Nitto RBW51 Rack

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Nitto RBW51 Rack - Rear or Front -

Dimensions: 30cm x 13cm x 2.5cm platform

Weight: 19 oz.

Includes the following:

Optional hardware (not included):

A clever and beautiful Nitto rack made just for us. It's perfect as a saddlebag support, the Sackville BagBoy, HappiSack or BaggaBond, a medium wald basket (with zip-ties), or any load you can fit on it.

A cinch to mount, and it doubles the usefulness of any bike you put it on. 

Nitto rates this to rack 13 lbs. It's for top loads, not side-mounted panniers.

With any rack, you have to snug the bolts tight. The nuts on this rack are special ones made for the car industry. They cannot vibrate loose, and in that way are even way more secure than nylock nuts. They can be loosened normally, but they won't loosen through vibration.

Torque Specs

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