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Kickstand - Single Leg - Pletscher, Touring

Kickstand - Single Leg - Pletscher, Touring

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The Touring kickstand is a cinch to install, since it's got an adjustable, sliding leg that makes it easy to dial in the perfect leg length.  You don't have to worry anymore about cutting the leg too short.

The Touring is also rated to twice the load supporting capacity as the silver single legger (50kg vs 25kg). 

Note: this kickstand comes with kickstand, mounting plate and a long bolt for sandwiching around your chainstays. If you have a dedicated kickstand plate on your bike (like on most of our models, in the main picture) discard the mounting plate and long bolt and use one of these shorter bolts (sold separately) for a nicer installation. 

Black plastic-y rubbery foot included and comes already installed.  The foot, along with the entire lower leg, may fall off on a ride.  If that happens, we got you covered here.

TIP: Tape or otherwise pad the part that'll contact the pedal and crank arm. You've got to go pretty high up on the 'stand. It's not a hassle, just another place to use bar tape, twine, and shellac. (Or do it some other easier way like knitting a cozy). It's not being weird, trying too hard to be classy, or anything like that. If you've got a decent crank, just wrap the kickstand so it can't whack the crank, metal-on-metal, when the crank is at about 4:00 to 6:00 and you kick the kickstand down.


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