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Kickstand Feet

Kickstand Feet


We have here little black plastic shoes for the Pletshcer Twinlegger Kickstand and the Pletscher (or Greenfield) single leg kickstand.  


Note 1: Single leg kickstand feet may be Pletscher or Greenfield branded depending on availability.  There is no difference in fit or performance between the Pletscher or Greenfield feet.

NOTE 2 : The twinlegger shoes are side specific, like the very shoes on your feet, and will not work on the uno leg kickstand. In other words, the shape of the twinleg legs are different than the shape of the single leg kickstand so don't try and be clever to save a dollar by buying two single feet for your twinlegger cuz it won't work sorry.

They're easy to put-on and are good for slippery polished surfaces.

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