Your Roaduno Questions Answered

Your Roaduno Questions Answered

The presale is live. You can find the Roaduno frame page here and complete page here.

What's the full parts list for the complete bikes?

We'll start with the bars and work our way back:

Bars: Choco Bar 54cm, 25.4mm clamp

Brake Levers: IRD CAFAM, with a little green anodizing

Stem: 110mm Faceplater, all sizes

Headset: FSA Duron ISO

Brakes: Yokozuna Long pull cold forged brakes. They're identical to the Tektro R559, which are now either discontinued, or no longer available with shoe'd pads, I can't remember which.

Wheels: Alex DM21s laced to Novatech track hubs, built by St. Jump, a high end wheel place in Taiwan. You won't have trouble with these wheels. Both wheels are bolt on, for non slippage in the rear and maybe a little more theft security. 

Tires: Panaracer Gravelkings, the slightly knobby ones (is that what SK stands for?) 43mm with the brown sidewalls.

Crank: Our new skinny-arm Silver3 crank, with a 38/26 combo. If you take the bike stock, only the 38 will be useable. Either remove it, leave it there, or add a chain tensioner and use it. 

Chain: KMC

Freewheel: Dicta 16t. If you want fancier, we have White Industries, but this one is fine. Use it until it's toast.

Seatpost: Kalloy 26.8mm

Bottom Bracket: Shimano 110

Other stuff: Blue Lug Boss cover in Black. The silver was too shiny and we were a little too oversaturated with brass stuff. The black looks good.


This is a repost of Will's 6/21 and 6/26 Weekly News Letters answering questions about the Roaduno:

I got a lot of email questions about the Roaduno after last week's newsletter, and I figured I'd put 'em here so we're all on the same page. I was hoping we'd receive the airfreighted samples today but it looks like they're jammed up in Los Angeles for the weekend; hopefully we'll have them Monday so we can get the product page together. OK, here we go:

$1,750-does that include frame and fork? I believe the newsletter only mentions the frame at that price.

That includes the frame, fork, FSA Duron headset, Kalloy post, and 110 Shimano BB, which you may or may not find useful depending on what crank you use. $50 of each sale will go to charity, as usual.

I didn’t see the Roaduno listed on the size chart. I have a PBH of 84.5 and run the Bosco bars on my current single speed. I’m guessing I would lean toward the 54.5 v 58?

It's not on the size chart yet, but the Homer is almost exactly the same geometry, so you can use that as a reference for now. If your PBH is 84.5, you'll fit best on the 54.5cm frame. These are six degree upslopers, so you can go a little smaller than you would on a level top tuber.

max tire width with and w/o fenders?

The 43mm Gravelkings on the completes actually measure around 41.8mm and will work with fenders, easily. A true 45mm tire would work without fenders.

these take a 1”threaded headset, correct?

Oh yeah baby! Only the best.

Seatpost size?

26.8, and there's one included.

Is the wheelset quick release?

Bolt-on front and rear. The quick release wheels we used on Quickbeams way back when were cool, but they'd slip on climbs unless you had a super serrated internal cam skewer closed extremely tight. Bolt-ons seem to hold better.  Those little Affinity ratcheting wrenches are a perfect  Roaduno tool roll item, since they fit so nicely under the hooded part of the track-out.

What size Choco bar?


Size of handlebar stem?

110mm Faceplater, all sizes.

If I buy a complete Roaduno, would it be possible to have you guys make the 2x1 conversion for me? 

Yes, we can alter the completes, but we'll ship all the un-altered ones first, so it'll extend the lead time. We also won't be buying back any parts; they'll be included in the box. There will also be a labor charge for un-boxing, switching stuff around, and re-boxing, but it'll be a reasonable flat-rate charge. Maybe $70? I need to talk to the mechanics about it.

How do I let you know that I want to change stuff on the completes?

Call us in the interim between presale and delivery and let us know. If you place an order online without talking to one of us, it might fly under our radar and we might make the mistake of shipping you just a stock complete.

Wait, what is this thing? A single speed with a derailler hanger? 

Yes, exactly. The Roaduno can be set up as a regular 120mm singlespeed by pulling the wheel back in the track-out, or you can use a chain tensioner and set it up with a double or triple in front.

Having just one or two more gears doesn't detract much from the fun spartan minimalism of a single speed, but makes it a bike you can ride basically everywhere without giving yourself a hernia. You'll be surprised at how much you can do with even just two gears. It'll definitely put 12 and 13 speed cassettes into perspective.

This is a bike that lends itself to interesting set-ups and experimentation. I bet at least one maniac out there uses a 5 speed Regina freewheel on it.

If I set it up as a 2x1, how much of a spread can I have?

A Paul Melvin will wrap 20t worth of chain, and any old derailer will do that and more. If you want a spread that big, I recommend a 3x1. If you want just two gears, a 10 to 12 tooth difference between chainrings works best.

So I am confused which colors are being offered on the current Roaduno iteration? I see Hilo Silver, and a greenish and an orangeish and a purplish all represented on the site? 

It's mustard, silver, and purple, all of which are shown in this email. It's confusing because our early samples, the ones the employees are riding, are different colors. 

Frameset only: is the Shimano 110 BB installed ?  if NOT does the BB shell need to be prepped/faced ?

It's installed. Don't face the shell unless you're using a BB with a lip that sits on it, like a Tange cup-n-cone. The threads are perfect and don't need to be chased either. The only frame prep required is that the hanger needs to be aligned if you plan on using a tensioner. We'll have a video up shortly on how to do that if you're willing to buy the tool; otherwise any shop can do it in 10 minutes. 

Do the larger sizes have a double top tube?

No, everything is single now. We're moving away from doubles.

Is your shipment mostly completes or mostly frames?
It's mostly completes, and while the three color option thing is fun, it means each variant is spread thin, so have a fallback color ready. 

Is the wheel set available for purchase, sans Roaduno?

The St. Jump wheels that come on completes aren't available by themselves, but we do have Velocity built wheels here. 

What size cranks will be on the 51 cm?
170mm. The 47.5cm has a 167mm; the 51 and 54cm have 170mm; the 58 and 61.5cm have 173mm. We're getting the 64cm only as frames.

What rims will be supplied on the 51cm (650b)?
Alex DM21s - similar to the Velocity Atlas.

Will the rims be tubeless compatible?
No, they're strictly for tubes.

Your newsletter pointed us to AHH for geometry. Does that chart hold for the wheel size as well? 584 for the 51 and 622 for 54.5 and above? I don’t know why I care. With a pbh of 82.5 I am getting a 51 no matter what. I think. Maybe 54.5.
Yes, the wheelsizes are the same as on Homers. The 47.5 and 51cm take 650b, and the rest take 700c wheels. 

Another question. Getting a complete build, do I need to add a saddle and pedals? If yes, can I order before it ships so that it can just be stuffed in the same box. Similarly, can I grab a few other small items and just have that stuffed in too before it ships, to save on shipping.
Yes, you'll need a saddle, pedals, and grips. We can put 'em in the box, although we'll likely ship stock completes without parts first to keep things moving as efficiently as possible. 

Does the Roaduno rear wheel have a “flip-flop” hub, for a fixed gear option? 
Yes, it's a flip flop hub. If you set it up fixed, use brakes, please. And careful around corners too; it's a low bottom bracket. 

Let me know if I should work with you or Roman on order additions for a Roaduno. 
Either. I'm currently trying to tackle all my unread emails, so if you want to work with me, just call and I'll take notes and send you an invoice. Roman, Vince, James, and Antonio are all great at this stuff too. 


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