ass't mid-NOV notes on bike & gear here, for the most part...but miscellaneous things will creep in

ass't mid-NOV notes on bike & gear here, for the most part...but miscellaneous things will creep in


We're trimming the line to the ones that collect the least amount of dust, but are not blowing out anything, so if you've always wanted a X color y model, anytime now is a good time. This would be true even if weren't the holiday season.

These for sure, will be keepers:


Others should be nervous. It doesn't mean we don't dig 'em as much as we did at conception and birth; it just means not enough of you-all have loved them as much as we do.


Our fabric supplier doesn't actually list our old regular standard beloved fabric anymore--which could mean nothing or could be bad. We're investigating from afar and hoping.


Our bagmaker in Connecticut thinks the new gridded/ripstop gray is the best-looking. I wasn't so sure at first, but I'm there now, and the lightness makes it less of a dungeon at dusk, so I'm getting something in it.

AAnd the thing is, these bags don't hardly even foul up with grime over time, bbecause they're not oily-waxy and they just sail thru the air. So there you go!


By late January we'll have a CLEMSHOPPER sack, like a Shopsack but for the BOSCO basket, which is deeper and skinnier front to back.

Here's the prototype, which is 95 percent perfect:

From the top.


Front, view. It's taller and shaped just right for the Wald Bosco clamp-on basket...which also works for Choco bars. This bag is deep enuf to not require a net, altho a net lets you shove stuff on top.


Our Banana bag---is coming back even more improved Banana Sack. Improved, but barely, because there's only so much you can do to a simple bag before crossing the line and tweaking it to tech perfection, with sleeve pockets for USB cards or cable or ports, whatever they are. So the improvements are more basic than that, but more useful, too.

It's got a two toggles with inner sleeve for phone or money...then the main pocket. Get two for each bike, can!:

On back, but it also works--

In front. Here's another shot:

We also improved the inner part, but I forgot to take a photo.

In January, about $100. We'll see.


Some of the guys around here have been using a Randi Jo coffee-up/telephoto lens-type bag for a few months, so Roman here went at it and requested a few changes that then made it fit an Olympus OM-1 camera better also, and it's slightly bigger than l'originale, but really handy for assorted things, and still mounts just about anywhere, but here's the main place.

Little pockets for small things, lots of toe-on points and three movable velcro straps make not being able to mount it where you want to impossible.

The top is a simple drawstring, operatable, I hear, with one hand. It easily holds a Pentax 67 200mm lens or about  six bags of almonds from TJ's.

We got in 30. RIVEMPS bought 6, so there are fewer than 24 left.

Roman's putting them up on the site, too (HERE).





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