Sat Dec 9

Sat Dec 9

A glimpse of things going on here, what we're thinking about and working on, hoping for, and so on.

We got the Bananasax in today. We have 65 to sell. By Thursday John at Rivelo in Portland will have five each of the blue, silver, and olive. They're $90 and look like this:

The blue isn't that BRIGHT, the silver's not that white, the olive is darker, too.

They are the perfect smallish handlebar bag, and yet they're made to fit onto a saddle with loops.

The original inspiration is the Gilles Berthoud bag of roughly the same shape. Our first version of this came out in the early 2000's. There were three different ones--two made in the U.S., one in England. Each version was slightly better than the one before it in some way, but the current version is as close to perfect as we can make it.

We will sell out within two weeks and won't get more in until at soonest February 25. Here's a link to the page for them.   LINK.


HHH (tandem) inventory. Final ones we'll ever do (prediction, not a promise...but I/Grant am 99 percent firm on this)

Small (fits most captains to 5'11" or PBH 74 to 86): (12)

Medium  (best for captains with PBH 87 to 97): (3)

Large (for captains with PBH 94 to 107): (5)

THis is a demo, without disc rear. THat's optional and we're ready for it. This is a perfect UnRacing tandem. It'll be in your family for a century. The great grandkids will dig it, and in the meantime it's like a double-CLEM.

Frames with fork, headset, Bushnell (the best) eccentric, two seat posts, and a Control Tech or similar stoker stem costs $1,800. We don't ship complete bikes, but if you're local we can build it for you to pick up.

Not local? Find a local to you shop that's built tandems before. We can guide you thru the sizing and spec'ing process. We can sell you ALL of the parts, wheels included. We have all the stuff, including the tandem cranks and timing chains in the proper length (to fit the SILVER tandem cranks with 38T timing rings) but it's good to buy some things locally, presumably from the shop that'll assemble it.

Don't be baffled by tandems. That's what we're for. We know these bikes, we won't make you feel dumb for not knowing the vocabulary and technolarities of tandems.  If you're 21 and rich, with no room for a bike, but your parents live nearby and have a gigantic storage shed, and you know you're a lifelong bike rider and can imagine getting together with a partner or spouse or whatever at some time, who doesn't ride but trusts you to ride with him or her on a tandem...well, you'll never find a more comfortable, better-riding, stable, all-around tandem.

And if you're over 67 with a similar story without the parents part, and you've been intrigued by tandems but never popped for one because they seemed so gangly and weird—not the HHH! And yes, let us guide you thru it.


dave, will, roman, vince, or grant

all      or call (800) 345-3918.


 What else?

Well, I am trying to contact Flickr about an issue with a goof that they've not acknowledged and it's not HUGE deal, but I have a feeling they don't even know. It's a well-guarded invisible gate there. I want a voice, but that seems impossible. It's about a foulup on a mounted print. One of you knows the secret password. I'm not begging you to violate Flickr rules, just...point me in a better direction. I won't get you in trouble.


All for now. Busy here this saturday and I have more work and I gotta go for a ride.




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