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Light - Battery - Cygolite HotRod 90 rear RED blinky USB



Product Details

Cygolite HotRod rear red blinky USB

This sleek and slim blinkie has no brainer easiness mounting; just strap it on and turn it on, don't have to worry about where to angle it behind you since it's got extra wide and powerful illumination. Remembers the last setting you were on so no more scrolling thru all the settings to find your favorite mode.

Mounts practically anywhere - pant belt loops, weird tube frame shapes, helmet holes, backpacks, D rings, panniers, racks, seat tubes, seat posts, seat stays, handlebars - no need for braze-ons or screws or tools of any kind.

Charge it by plugging into your computer or flat screen tv using the included USB to micro usb cord. If you need a wall charger, you can use most any cellphone wall charger with a micro usb plug.

Finger sized -- 3.25" x 7/8" (82mm x 23mm), only 35 grams

LED Output --90 flashing lumens

Modes and Run Times
-- low flash: 30 hours - low profile, long lasting flash
-- zoom: 6 hours - Alerts with a slow and gradual change in brightness, pulsating
-- steadypulse: 6 hours - steady beam helps motorists gauge their distance while overlapping pulses keeps them alert
-- high flash: 3.5 hours - intense flashes enhance motorist awareness
-- high steady: 1.5 hours - radiates bright and steady for broad coverage
-- group: 100+ hours - long lasting, low profile awareness for when you're riding with a group of other cyclists

Charge Time -- 3 hours.

Internal Lithium-ion battery powered, good for at least 500 charging cycles.

One rubber bungie band included.

NOTE - The bungie band can be easy to lose so if you're taking it off all the time it's a good idea to stretch the band onto both hooks before you put it in your pocket.


Contact Cygolite for any warranty questions or concerns.

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  • 50 lumens of powerful flashes alert motorists at night and in broad daylight
  • 30 lumens of steady output for both night and day use
  • 1:30 ~ 100 hour run time
  • USB rechargeable internal Li-ion battery
  • Cluster mounted array of LEDs work in unison for an extra wide and powerful tail light output, maximizing your visual presence anytime and anywhere
  • 24/7 Safety Technology features exclusive night and day modes that enhance your visibility and safety, 24/7
  • 6 lighting modes: High Flash - High Steady - Group - Zoom - SteadyPulse - Low Flash
  • Unique SteadyPulse mode features an overlapping steady beam with triple pulses for motorists` awareness of your distance and presence in night traffic environments
  • Pedestrian friendly Zoom mode alerts those around you with a slow and gradual change in brightness
  • Sleek design integrates well with the seat post or seat stay
  • Know when to charge with its built-in low battery indicator
  • Light mode memory recalls the last mode used
  • Water resistant design
  • Lightweight 29 g

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