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Woolywarm Aussie short-sleeved Tee shirt

Woolywarm Aussie short-sleeved Tee shirt

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All wool, black only. Your basic boring useful slimming SS tee shirt for bar-hopping, hitch-hiking, working out, travel, 68-degree bike rides, and so on. Good to wear under cotton shirts, to keep your armpit juice away from a shirt you might not want to wash every time you wear it. Wool absorbs the sweat and self-cleans! This is the best T-shirt in the world.

Material: 100 percent pure Australian Merino wool, middleweight. It's thicker, soft, luxurious. You won't wear it above about 90-degrees, but it's the best choice when it's cooler and you don't necessarily want to layer over it.

FIT: AMERIBEAN: We copied L.L. Bean's shape, good for most cheese-eating, beer-swilling, cabin-bound checkers fanatics and birdwatchers. I/Grant am 5-9 x 185lbs wear a large.  Women should buy accordingly.

Washing: Machine washable and dryable, but we always suggest air-drying. 

Made in Australia.

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