Reflector - Wheel, velcro



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Another 20+ year old original design using Reflexite and Velcro. It weighs about 11g--less than half an ounce, goes on and off in two seconds, and unlike every other spoke/wheel reflector on the market, doesn't affect spoke tension. It's not clunky or junky, and it works great. Plus, you can put it on other parts of the bike, too--should the need arise or whatever. Between the seat stays, for instance. It's a light, inexpensive, useful accessory we have made locally. It contributes incredible insignificantly to our bottom line, and we'd love to just buy a commercial product so we wouldn't have to buy the Reflexite and Velcro separately and then pay somebody to sew them. But there is no commercial thing like this, and so we offer these as a service.

Either white or lime. If you must have one or the other, call. We generally try to stock them in white, but sometimes the Reflexite supplier is out of that color, and in that case we go with lime.

Sold individually.
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